Claims Analytics & Insights

Dexur aggregates claims data from multiple sources and coupled with innovative algorithms, we can show various insights to Life Sciences organizations including Sales and Marketing, Disease Burden Data, HEOR & RWE, Patient Journey, etc.

Disease Burden Data & Dashboards

Dexur utilizes its anonymized claims database to build disease burden data & dashboards at the national, regional, and hospital level. The outcomes for a specific disease (e.g., Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease) include the total cost of care, readmission, mortality, nursing home costs, length of stay, and any metric relevant to the disease.

Provider Insights

Dexur’s Life Sciences App Suite provides deep insights into various financial and clinical quality metrics that help in the analysis of Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s), Providers, and IDN’s. This helps life sciences companies have a more organised approach in targeting their products and services to most suitable clients.

Physician Insights

Dexur has a vast database of Physician records of various healthcare facilities and constantly updates it with detailed information like cost and quality outcomes among other things. Dexur’s physician database enables life sciences companies to create custom reports that narrow down on targeted physicians.

Contact Database & Insights

Dexur aggregates contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, physical address, designations and affiliations for Physicians, Hospital executives, pharmacists and other key contacts. This helps life sciences companies to connect with potential targets and find new sales opportunities for their outreach.


HEOR & Real World Evidence (RWE) Analysis plays a vital role in determining healthcare coverage and access, identifying the most effective interventions for specific patient populations, and bridging the gap between clinical trial findings and real-world health outcomes.

Sales, Market Segmentation & Targeting

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies can use this data to narrow down on their target groups which involve specific Hospitals, Physicians, Acute care facilities etc. which are further segmented based on market approach.