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Disease Burden Data & Dashboards

Dexur utilizes its anonymized claims database to build disease burden data & dashboards at the national, regional, and hospital level. The outcomes for a specific disease (e.g., Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease) include the total cost of care, readmission, mortality, nursing home costs, length of stay, and any metric relevant to the disease.

Claims, Drugs, Patient Journeys, Provider & Affiliation Data

Dexur leverages its anonymized claims database to highlight top surgeons, doctors, surgeons based on disease, ICD, or any other criteria. These providers are then cross-referenced with hospital, provider, and IDN level affiliations. Patient journeys pre & post drug usage are also provided.

Life Sciences CRM

Dexur’s Life Sciences specific CRM includes all the features required to promote products in a compliant manner.

Forms & Process Automation

Dexur’s surveys, forms, and processes help Life Sciences companies capture data and automate operations cost-effectively.

Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards

Dexur’s quick and customizable sales and other reporting, analytics, and dashboards are fine-tuned for life sciences.

Data Management

Data management applications include master data management, territory alignments, life sciences focused data warehouse tables, and affiliation management.

Marketing Automation

Dexur’s best-in-class, rep-focused marketing automation, including one-on-one email marketing, helps increase digital engagement with HCPs and other stakeholders.

Microsites, Content Hubs & HCP Portals

HCP specific content hubs, portals, microsites, and websites are integrated with other Dexur apps such as email marketing automation and CRM to help marketing organizations scale.

Sample Management

Dexur’s comprehensive sample management platform includes sample capture, license validation, integration to logistics providers, and syncing of inventory with data warehouse providers.

Medical Information Request Form (MIRF) Management

MIRF requests are often challenging to capture and track effectively. Dexur tracks digital MIRF requests across MSL and commercial organizations and communicates back to the HCP securely via the HCP Portal.

Sunshine Act Reporting Management

Staying compliant with the federal Sunshine Act reporting is an arduous task as organizations engage with speakers and KOLs. Dexur helps capture all the Sunshine Act related data and approvals to be compliant with regulations.

Document & Content Management

Life Sciences organizations need to manage hundreds of versions of marketing, clinical, and other documents to appropriately communicate with the market and also be compliant. Dexur’s scalable document and content management app help organizations disseminate content via CRM, content hubs, and other channels.

Expense Tracking & Management

A life sciences specific expense tracking and management platform that follows the industry's compliance requirements and integrates with other apps such as CRM, Event, and Sunshine Reporting.

Event Management

Dexur's event management app manages all the complex requirements of specific speaker programs and other events, including digital signature capture and expense apportionment for attendees.

Training & Compliance

Dexur's training and compliance app is tailored to the nuances of Life Science compliance requirements and is also an effective training tool for reps and other employees on product, commercial, safety, and quality topics.