Rural and Critical Access Hospitals go for Quality Excellence with Dexur’s Cost-Effective Solutions

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Dexur is passionate about empowering all healthcare providers, regardless of size or budget. We understand the unique struggles that rural and critical access hospitals face, particularly the challenge of limited resources. Our suite of solutions is specially designed to offer maximum value, delivering powerful analytics and insight tools that fit within tight budgets.

1) Dexur Predictions: Anticipate and Strategize

In the dynamic healthcare landscape, foresight is invaluable, especially for rural and critical access hospitals operating within limited budgets. Dexur's predictive analytics provide crucial projections for key metrics such as CMS Star Ratings, CMS Readmissions, CMS Mortality, Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), and Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) programs. This forward-thinking view allows these hospitals to plan strategically and allocate resources effectively, maximizing the potential of their limited budget.

2) Dexur Simulations: Plan Your Path Forward

Dexur’s simulations offer a cost-effective, data-driven approach to future planning. Our tool allows rural hospitals to see potential performance across different scenarios and percentile benchmarks, providing a roadmap to guide resource allocation and improvement efforts. Moreover, our AI-assisted simulations provide recommendations on the best measures to improve, ensuring even the smallest hospitals make the most impactful decisions.

3) Dexur Measures & Data: Centralize for Efficiency

With resources often spread thin, rural and critical access hospitals can benefit immensely from Dexur's Measures & Data feature. By consolidating all key metrics impacting your quality, safety, and compliance programs in one place and integrating them with internal hospital data and external sources, we streamline data management. Our central hub makes tracking performance efficient and effortless, saving valuable time and resources.

4) Dexur Goal Setting: Prioritize and Align

Our goal-setting feature is a potent tool for rural hospitals, helping them establish realistic, impactful objectives based on simulations and organizational priorities. By aligning teams with these goals, we foster a culture of collaboration and efficiency, ensuring that even with limited resources, hospitals can achieve significant improvements.

5) Dexur Events & Interventions: Track and Improve

Implementing changes without tracking their impact can lead to resource wastage, something rural hospitals can ill afford. Dexur's "Events & Interventions" feature enables these hospitals to monitor every implemented change, visualize its impact on key measures, and make evidence-based decisions. Additionally, our Best Practice Library provides access to proven strategies, offering cost-effective guidance for your improvement efforts.

Dexur: A Partner for Rural and Critical Access Hospitals

At Dexur, we believe that size and budget should never be barriers to quality healthcare. Our suite of cost-effective solutions empowers rural and critical access hospitals with the insights and tools they need to improve healthcare outcomes. Embrace the future of data-driven healthcare with Dexur, and let's drive quality improvement together, irrespective of budget constraints.