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At Dexur, where we prioritize patient safety by focusing on reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) such as CLABSI, CAUTI, CDIFF, MRSA, and SSI. Our advanced analytics and AI-driven insights enable hospitals to understand, manage, and minimize HAIs, ensuring improved patient outcomes and enhanced CMS Star Ratings, VBP, Safety, HACRP, and Leapfrog scores.

Dexur Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Resources:

Seamless Integration with CDC NHSN:

Joining Dexur’s CDC NHSN group is straightforward , granting us access to your hospital’s data. With this integration, we provide detailed insights on HAIs and their impact on various quality measures and offer tailored strategies for improvement.

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Why Choose Dexur for HAI Management?

Dexur stands out in providing unparalleled insights and strategies for managing Hospital Acquired Infections. Our seamless integration with CDC NHSN and the utilization of advanced AI technologies offer hospitals a comprehensive approach to understanding and reducing HAIs, subsequently enhancing various quality measures.