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Dexur helps pharmaceutical companies communicate the value of their innovations to stakeholders such as physicians, payers and patients with the help of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) data. HEOR plays a vital role in determining healthcare coverage and access, identifying the most effective interventions for specific patient populations, and bridging the gap between clinical trial findings and real-world health outcomes. In a very competitive market with increasing pricing pressures, Dexur assists pharmaceutical businesses in proving the value of their goods to their stakeholders.

Real-world evidence establishes the effects of patient characteristics and behaviors on health outcomes. Dexur provides advanced real-world evidence analytics that can play an important role across the pharma value chain. It can facilitate research and development, market access, sales and marketing, and medical affairs of the companies. Dexur uses RWE to assist life sciences companies in monitoring postmarket safety and adverse events and to make regulatory decisions. We also provide biological pathway, disease, and patient insights that can be benefit both internal and external stakeholders.

RWE insights from Dexur can help companies build strategy and vision, value orientation, organization, operating model and processes, culture, tools and environments and other key dimensions where they need to excel.