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More than 500 Hospitals, Physicians & Healthcare Providers Trust and Share Dexur Rankings and Data

Jodi Devlin

AltaThera's CEO

We chose Dexur because it integrates the myriad of applications such as CRM, Sales Reporting, Medical Information Request (MIRF) and Sunshine Reporting into a single platform that our sales, commercial and other operations can utilize to scale.

Paul Molloy

CEO of ClearFlow

Dexur’s App Suite and implementation services is a key strategic partner to help scale ClearFlow. The breadth and depth of Dexur’s offering across data, sales analytics, and marketing automation has made Dexur a critical element in articulating ClearFlow’s value to healthcare providers.

Kourosh Mobini

Sr. Director, Commercial Operations at Heron Therapeutics

The breadth of Dexur’s App Suite plus the quick customization, implementation and support services have been critical in increasing the velocity of Heron’s commercial operations and supporting our front line reps and commercial operations teams.

Stan Mendenhall

Editor of Orthopedic Network News

I have been a customer of Dexur’s since 2018. Each quarter we publish statistics on the number of orthopedic procedures paid by Medicare in Orthopedic Network News, and Curvo Labs Spotlight. I have used a variety of sources for national statistics in the past, but have found Dexur to be most in depth, economical, accommodating and responsive. They have been flexible in providing access for colleagues and developing custom reports. In short, they have been a valued resource for national, hospital and surgeon specific healthcare data. I have found that Dexur has been extremely accurate, timely, and responsive to various tweaks on questions that come up, which have included issues such as the number of endovascular heart valves, number of outpatient knee replacements, in- and outpatient spine surgeries, and top hospitals and top states performing procedures. And Dexur’s commitment to maintaining the data over multiple time periods has been key to identifying underlying trends.

Dr. Richard Urman

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School Anesthesia and Pain Management

Dexur and our research team at the Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School have collaborated on multiple research projects related to exploring the impact of opioid use on healthcare systems and patient outcomes, as well as other research topics. Dexur has aggregated one of the largest anonymized medical claims databases in the US and their ability to harness that data to produce in-depth hospital-level quality outcomes disease is unique. Dexur's research team has been very flexible in understanding the scope of the research and has been very quick in their turnaround time to answer key questions and analyze data.

Clarence Sevillian

Regional CEO, at McLaren

We are honored Dr. Cherukuri has been recognized with this prestigious ranking.
McLaren Health Care launches billboard campaign in Michigan showcasing Dexur's top ranking of Dr. Cherukuri.

Mike Gregory

The Chief Patient Advocacy Officer

Dexur has been a game-changer in utilizing data to prove the superiority of a home health or hospice agency's quality outcomes to its referring partners. Intrepid can identify specific physicians and Hospitals who refer us their patients relative to other agencies and then use Dexur’s marketing collateral and brochures to demonstrate the value of Intrepid’s services.

Diane Barnes

Director, Quality Resource

Dexur has been an integral partner in helping us elevate our quality and value programs. As most quality professionals know, monitoring quality programs is incredibly challenging with extremely complex calculations, risk adjustments, and significant lags in data. Dexur combines acute and non-acute Medicare claims data with technology to filter and collate the information effectively. Their enhanced algorithms simulate the impact of change of individual or multiple measures to program outcomes. Dexur’s statistical expertise and advisory services bring it all together to guide meaningful and effective strategy