In Depth Healthcare Data, Technology & Services

Examples: Yale New Hospital, Northwell, Tidewell Hospice, Catholic Home Care, John D McCallum

Dexur Pro Membership

Dexur pro members get access to hospital, surgeon, nursing home, home health, hospice, and other custom data.

Data Driven Rankings

Dexur is the only source for local rankings of hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, hospices, home health agencies and other providers.

Technology & Data Solutions

Dexur has one of the most in-depth healthcare data sets which we combine with our technology services to deliver solutions that are 50-80% cheaper than alternatives.

Dexur for Hospitals

Dexur provides in depth rankings, hospital quality outcomes and market analysis data to help improve hospital performance.

Dexur for Nursing Homes

Dexur provides in depth referral, market share and quality outcomes data on Nursing Homes and hospitals.

Dexur for Home Health

Dexur helps home health agencies increase revenue and improve quality outcomes with data and technology.

Dexur for Hospices

Hospices leverage Dexur data and technology to improve market share and drive improvements.

Dexur Biopharma Operations Suite

Dexur provides a comprehensive operations suite of data, technology & consulting solutions to help Biopharma succeed.

Dexur Medical Device Operations Suite

Dexur’s Medical Device Operations suite combines data, technology and services to lower costs and increase scale.