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Examples: Yale New Hospital, Northwell, John D McCallum, Jacksonville, 10019, DRG 470, ICD M32, Enroute Transcarotid Stent

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Dexur Pro members can get access to in depth premium data and research including ranking metrics, hospital specific DRG level quality outcomes, hospital financials, physician metrics & ICD level metrics.

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Dexur is the only source for local rankings of hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, hospices, home health agencies and other providers based on data driven objective quality factors such as case volume, readmissions, LOS and mortality rates.

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Dexur’s Real World Evidence (RWE) based eBooks, data and research serves all the key constituents of a library including patients, physicians, surgeons, administrators, quality, students, residents, and revenue cycle management.

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Dexur works with hospitals, medical device, biopharma & other healthcare organizations to deliver custom data, research & dashboards to meet their specific commercial and research needs.

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