Dexur Quality Measure Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

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Dexur’s Quality Measure Reporting Unifies Measure Abstraction, Quality Program Impact and Incident Management

Dexur’s Quality Measure reporting includes Chart Abstraction Software, which eliminates repetitive data entry, centralizing these functions into a single, efficient platform. With the unified approach, the primary focus shifts from data entry to improving quality outcomes. The Dexur’s Quality Reporting Module's original basis came from acquiring IHA’s Chart Abstraction software. Senior Vice President of IHA, Matt Browning, commented on the acquisition: "Dexur stands out as the best AI-driven solution to scale quality and risk management for hospitals. In the healthcare sector, there's a repetitive cycle of managing quality events, risk/incident management, and evaluating performance in programs like CMS Star Ratings. Dexur's innovative platform is uniquely positioned to unify these activities, offering a modern and efficient approach to managing these critical healthcare functions."

Advanced Platform Capabilities

  1. AI-Driven Checklist to Ensure Appropriate Patients data are Abstracted

  2. Dexur’s AI-Driven checklist is a game-changer in accurately identifying and abstracting relevant patient information during the Chart Abstraction Process. This tool ensures that all measures have been reported in compliance with healthcare standards, enhancing the precision and reliability of data collected.

  1. Advanced Skip Logic

    Incorporating skip logic allows the forms to dynamically change based on user input, ensuring that only relevant information is collected and presented, thereby reducing the time and effort required for data entry.

  2. Customized Forms, Fields, and Sections

  3. The Dexur Platform allows users to tailor forms, fields, and sections to their specific needs. This customization enables seamless data collection tailored to specific incidents. Users can add various field types, including text, date fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more, each configurable with specific properties and validation rules.

  1. Advanced Multi-Level Permissions

  2. The platform’s Advanced Multi-Level Permissions are integral to maintaining data integrity. Administrative roles can define permissions for different user groups or individuals, restricting access to sensitive information and customization of elements like Chart Abstracted Measure Forms & Data Fields. Users with suitable permission can view and edit the submitted data.

  1. Reusability of Patient and Encounter Information

  2. The Dexur Platform emphasizes reusing patient and encounter information, which enhances efficiency and accuracy in patient care. This approach reduces data entry time and errors by pre-filling forms with existing patient information and standardizing the capture of common data, providing a comprehensive view of the patient’s condition.

  1. Reporting and Views according to Quality Programs

  2. The Chart Abstraction integrates seamlessly with quality programs, reducing human errors from manual data input. This leads to more accurate data reporting to CMS and The Joint Commission, ensuring high standards of healthcare quality and compliance.

  1. Drive Performance Improvements

  2. Dexur's AI-driven analytics deliver comprehensive insights into essential KPIs critical for healthcare enhancement. For example, in sepsis care, the analysis includes significant KPIs like Shock Discharge Timing, Shock Presentation Timing, and Initial Hypotension Fluid Timing. These are particularly relevant for SEP1 measures, providing a detailed understanding and avenues for improvement in sepsis treatment and management.

    Example : Acme Hospital Sep- 1 Measure Performance is 82.67% (248/300)

    Performance Improvement Area KPI Number of Patients who did not Meet KPI (Example)
    Shock Discharge Timing >360 minutes 8 (2.7%)
    Shock Presentation Timing >= 0 minutes and <= 360 minutes 7 (2.3%)
    Initial Hypotension Fluid Timing <= 180 minutes 6 (2%)
  1. Integration with Quality Programs

  2. Dexur's chart abstraction software plays a crucial role in enhancing the outcomes of quality programs. It allows hospitals to link their performance in chart abstracted measures (such as SEP 1) with overall quality program impact. This provides insight into how internal processes affect external quality metrics. By integrating these measures with the CMS Star Rating system, Dexur guides healthcare providers to understand and potentially improve their ratings. This systematic integration is key to achieving higher CMS Star Ratings.

Dexur's Chart Abstraction Software represents a significant advancement in healthcare data management. Its comprehensive approach – from AI-driven checklists to advanced data reusability – not only streamlines the abstraction process but also aligns it with the broader goals of healthcare improvement. By enhancing data accuracy and operational efficiency, Dexur is setting new standards in healthcare data analytics, ultimately benefiting patient care and healthcare institutions alike.