Dexur Customers, Partner and Success Stories

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Texas Hospital Association Endorses Dexur to Provide Quality, Safety, and Risk Solutions to Texas Hospitals

The Texas Hospital Association (THA) is proud to announce its endorsement of Dexur, a leader in healthcare analytics and quality improvement, to provide advanced services to its member hospitals. This collaboration underscores THA's commitment to driving excellence in healthcare through innovative technology solutions.

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Southern California Hospitals to Reap Benefits in Quality Excellence from HASC-Dexur Partnership

Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) and Dexur have recently come together in a promising partnership aimed at amplifying healthcare quality excellence. Dexur, bring an innovative data, software, and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, focusing on Healthcare quality excellence. With solutions leveraging data directly from CMS Medicare, advanced algorithms, and cutting-edge AI-driven technology, Dexur has been instrumental in aiding hospitals and healthcare organizations to enhance their performance metrics and quality outcomes.

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Parkview Health elevates quality and value outcomes programs with Dexur healthcare data, applications and advisory services

Dexur partners with large Healthcare systems & Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to drive excellence and enhance overall quality performance while improving patient care. Our data-driven solutions offer valuable insights, predictive analytics, and strategies that enable them to navigate the complex healthcare landscape and achieve their strategic goals.

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Dexur and Indiana Hospital Association Partner to Enhance Healthcare Quality in Indiana

Dexur and the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) have entered a partnership to improve the quality of healthcare services provided by Hospitals and health systems in Indiana. With Dexur's expertise in healthcare research and analytics and IHA's commitment to innovation and collaboration, the partnership aims to provide hospitals with predictions on CMS Programs (e.g. Star Rating, HRRP & VBP) 12 to 36 Months in advance, based on Dexur's statistical algorithms and Medicare claims data.

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Dexur & researchers from top institutions such as Harvard Medical School collaborate to publish several research papers based on Real World Evidence (RWE)

Dexur & researchers from top institutions such as Harvard Medical School collaborate to publish several Real-World Evidence (RWE) based research papers in peer-reviewed publications.

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Dexur provides critical data to Orthopedic Network News, a leading Orthopedic research publication

Dexur provides critical volume and quality outcomes data to Orthopedic Network News, a leading Orthopedic research publication, that is read by orthopedic surgeons and hospitals. The data has been used to publish statistics on quality outcomes, shifts in care from inpatient to outpatient and other emerging trends.

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