Dexur Solutions for Systems & IDNs

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Streamlining Quality Performance Across Systems and IDNs with Dexur's Advanced Analytics Solutions

In the modern healthcare landscape, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and healthcare systems face unique challenges due to their extensive reach and complex structures. Dexur offers a suite of advanced solutions designed to address these challenges and maximize performance across multiple hospitals.

1) Dexur Predictions: Master the Future with Data

Even within large healthcare systems and IDNs, obtaining comprehensive data for effective quality programs analytics can be daunting. This is especially true for critical metrics such as out-of-hospital readmissions and mortality. Dexur's predictive analytics tools are designed to bridge this gap by providing reliable projections for key measures like CMS Star Ratings, CMS Readmissions, CMS Mortality, Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), and Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) programs. Our predictions enable IDNs and healthcare systems to strategize and allocate resources proactively.

2) Dexur Simulations: Optimize with AI-Powered Insights

Despite their size, many healthcare systems and IDNs lack the resources to keep up with constant changes in algorithms necessary for achieving quality excellence. Dexur's simulations tackle this problem head-on. Our AI-assisted tool allows IDNs and healthcare systems to visualize potential performance across different scenarios and percentile benchmarks. This data-driven approach simplifies strategic planning and equips organizations to target the most impactful measures.

3) Dexur Measures & Data: Centralize and Streamline

Dexur's Measures & Data feature creates a centralized hub for all the key measures impacting your quality, safety, and compliance programs. By consolidating these measures and integrating them seamlessly with both internal hospital data and external sources, we eliminate the hassle of managing fragmented data, saving valuable time and resources.

4) Dexur Goal Setting: Foster Cohesion and Collaboration

Our goal-setting feature allows healthcare systems and IDNs to establish aligned objectives based on our simulations and organizational priorities. By fostering a culture of collaboration and alignment across different hospitals, Dexur ensures that each entity within the system or IDN is working towards a common goal, driving overall improvement.

5) Dexur Events & Interventions: Measure Impact, Inform Decisions

Dexur's "Events & Interventions" feature enables healthcare systems and IDNs to track the implementation of every change across their hospitals, visualizing their impact on key measures. Our Best Practice Library offers access to proven strategies, making Dexur an invaluable resource for guiding evidence-based improvements.

Dexur: The Optimal Partner for Systems and IDNs

At Dexur, we understand that healthcare systems and IDNs are more than just a collection of hospitals. They are interconnected entities that require coordinated strategies and streamlined analytics to operate effectively. Our suite of solutions offers an unparalleled ROI by facilitating avoided costs and delivering advanced analytics capabilities. With Dexur, healthcare systems and IDNs can rise above the challenges of size and complexity to achieve quality excellence across all their entities.