Dexur is a data-driven hospital & healthcare news & research service. We perform in-depth data analyses, examining large public & proprietary databases such as medical claims data to produce news, articles & research on hospitals, physicians & U.S. regions. Our news, research & insights help improve healthcare quality outcomes & patient lives. Dexur’s analytics and research are supported by a team of data scientists, software engineers, analysts and reporters.

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Our research & analysis has been featured in various media outlets. Here is a representative list of our coverage.

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Opioids Related Adverse Events (ORADE) Research with Harvard Medical School Researchers

Our Writers


James Pitt

James Pitt is a science writer with experience in medical devices and textbook publishing. His hobbies include reading, flintknapping, and squinting at RStudio. He received a bachelor's in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard.

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Saparja Nag

Saparja is a healthcare journalist with a particular interest in how medicine can and should affect health policy. She has extensive experience as a health educator and research scientist in biochemistry. She also enjoys running, cooking elaborate meals, and then eating elaborate meals. Saparja received a Bachelors of Arts in Biochemistry from Vassar College.

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Jeffrey Maser

Jeffrey Maser is an analyst. He truly loves working with numbers and enjoys the challenge of turning healthcare data into a resource that real patients can use to help make important decisions. Jeff's passion for data will serve him well in his quest to become the top mind in Fantasy Hockey. He previously worked at Truven Health Analytics, now a part of IBM Watson Health, and is a graduate of Brandeis University.

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Nathaniel Dunford

Nathaniel Dunford has been a medical writer and editor since 1999, including a long stint at Pfizer. He was also a social worker for a number of years. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and his dog. Nathaniel has a Master of Social Work from Hunter College and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California at Berkeley.

Blair S. Walker

Emily Carpintero

Emily has hands on operational & administrative healthcare experience including overseeing claims processing across hospitals, pharmacies, life science companies and patients in oncology and hematology with organizations such as Walgreens, Celgene & Asembia. In addition to her healthcare focus, she has experience in and a passion for the creative fields including writing, photography & fine arts. She is a graduate of Rutgers University.

Emma Yasinski

Emma Yasinski

Emma is a science journalist. She holds a Master’s degree from Boston University in Science and Medical Journalism as well as a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Lafayette College. She’ll write about anything that makes her stroke her imaginary beard and wipe her non-existent reading glasses, but her passions primarily lie in medicine and neuroscience. She has worked at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and the Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. Her work has appeared on their websites as well as, NPR Shots, Kaiser Health News, Endpoints News, and Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.

David Reilly

David Reilly

David is is a medical writer and healthcare journalist. He has a master's degree in biomedical writing from University of the Sciences, Philadelphia and has a wide range of experience spanning disease states including hematological and other malignancies, Parkinson's disease, and acute coronary syndromes. His prior experience includes being an adjunct Professor at Univ. Sciences, Philadelphia and he has also worked with numerous large pharmaceuticals manufacturers with an emphasis on biologics and oncology.

Neel Duggal

Neel Duggal

Neel is a medical journalist who has been writing for 3 years now. He recently made the move from Boston to Washington DC to attend The George Washington University School of Medicine where is a first year student. He is interested in using journalism and writing to examine how medicine intersects with public health and healthcare management. In his spare time, he likes cooking, traveling, streaming music on Spotify, and reading Wikipedia to practice Spanish.

Blair S. Walker

Blair S. Walker

Blair S. Walker has written about the healthcare industry for The Baltimore Sun and USA Today, and was a member of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s media relations team. Blair is also a founding member of, a Pew Charitable Trusts website that focuses on innovative policies coming from the 50 states.


Cheryl Hentz

Cheryl Hentz is a Wisconsin-based writer with 30+ years of experience. Her articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines - both in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the country - and cover a wide range of topics, including the medical field as well as business and economic development. Some of her articles have discussed the move toward electronic medical records, and the shortage of nurses in the industry. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her three dogs, pet-sitting for other's pets, and volunteering, especially for animal welfare causes.

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