About Us

About Us

Dexur specializes in advancing healthcare quality through unified software solutions. Our approach streamlines healthcare operations by integrating critical functions into a single, efficient platform. This consolidation enhances healthcare quality and operational efficiency, leading to substantial cost reductions. Our commitment lies in delivering solutions that not only improve healthcare operations but also reduce expenses, exemplifying the balance between quality improvement and cost-effectiveness in the healthcare industry.

Dexur is Trusted By Healthcare Organizations

We are honored to collaborate with esteemed healthcare organizations spanning Hospitals, Healthcare Networks, Hospital Associations, and PAC facilities.

Dexur partners with Healthcare Providers & Associations to Enhance Healthcare Quality

Leveraging our expertise in healthcare research and analytics, we collaborate with Hospitals, networks, and associations to enable comprehensive analysis for enhancing quality outcomes. Recently, Dexur entered a partnership with the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA), Texas Hospital Association (THA) and Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) to improve healthcare service quality across Hospitals and health systems in Indiana. This collaboration aims to provide Hospitals with advanced predictions on CMS Programs such as Star Rating, HRRP, and VBP, ranging from 12 to 36 months in advance. These predictions are based on Dexur's statistical algorithms and Medicare claims data, empowering healthcare providers with valuable insights for enhanced decision-making.

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Dexur and Harvard have published validated outcomes research

Dexur's expertise in healthcare research and analytics has been instrumental in collaborations with prestigious institutions like Harvard Medical School, resulting in the publication of multiple peer-reviewed research papers based on Real-World Evidence (RWE).

Dexur and Harvard Medical School