Dexur’s Best Practices Research to Drive Quality

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Dexur’s cutting-edge data, research, analytics, and software capabilities serve as the foundation for effective quality improvement strategies. An integral part of our offerings is our dedicated research team, which continuously investigates best practices to enhance quality outcomes that feed into significant programs like CMS Star Rating, CMS Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), and CMS Value-Based Purchasing (VBP).

A Multifaceted Approach to Quality Improvement

Dexur's approach to improving quality outcomes spans various aspects of healthcare, reflecting the complexity and interconnectedness of modern medical practice. Our team scrutinizes each facet, meticulously researching best practices and interventions that have proven successful in improving patient outcomes.

  1. Drugs: Our research team studies the impact of different pharmaceuticals on quality outcomes. We examine real-world evidence, clinical trials, and meta-analyses to understand which medications contribute to better patient outcomes.

  2. Devices: We investigate medical devices' role in enhancing quality outcomes. Our research encompasses a wide range of devices, from surgical implants to diagnostic equipment, assessing their effectiveness and impact on patient outcomes.

  3. Care Management Protocols: Our research extends to the very heart of patient care. By reviewing various care management protocols, we identify the most effective practices in various medical scenarios.

  4. Testing Protocols: We study the impact of different testing protocols on patient outcomes. By assessing their efficiency, accuracy, and applicability, we provide data-driven insights into the optimal testing strategies.

  5. General Protocols: Our research includes reviewing general protocols across diverse healthcare settings to understand how different processes and systems can influence quality outcomes.

Evidence-Based Improvements: The Core of Our Research

The heart of Dexur's research capability lies in its evidence-based approach. Our team meticulously reviews published studies in major medical and healthcare journals, providing a robust foundation for our recommendations. This rigorous methodology ensures that our suggestions are grounded in proven, successful strategies, minimizing risks and promoting the highest standards of care.

Through Dexur's healthcare data, research, analytics, and software solutions, healthcare providers gain access to a wealth of knowledge and research. Our commitment to improving quality outcomes translates into a tangible benefit for your organization, enabling you to adopt proven strategies and interventions that enhance patient care and align with key programs such as CMS Star Rating, CMS HRRP, and CMS VBP.

Dexur is more than just a provider of healthcare data and analytics. We are your partner in the quest for quality excellence, empowering your organization with the tools, insights, and knowledge needed to deliver the highest standards of care. With Dexur, you are equipped to navigate the complex healthcare landscape confidently, optimizing patient outcomes and exceeding performance benchmarks.