Dexur is Your Compass to Maximize CMS VBP Payouts

Get Personalized Hospital Specific Presentation on Unified AI Quality, Safety, Risk & Incident Software

Dexur specializes in helping healthcare professionals thrive in CMS Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Programs. With an array of solutions designed specifically for these programs, we have the tools you need to succeed.

Dexur Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Resources:

Here's how Dexur can assist you:

Predictions and Guidance:

Gain insights into the future with monthly or quarterly predictions on CMS VBP, spanning 1-3 years ahead. Receive in-depth guidance for each domain, including Mortality and Clinical Domain, Safety Domain, Patient Experience Domain, and HCAHPS Patient Experience Domain.


Enhance your payout potential with both manual and AI-powered simulations.

Conduct comprehensive scenario analysis to determine the most effective MSPB improvement strategies, such as reducing SNF discharges and curbing readmission rates.

AI Advisor:

Benefit from automated insights and early warning alerts tailored to various quality measures that impact VBP.

Unified Scorecards:

Access a holistic scorecard that caters to VBP and integrates other vital quality programs like CMS Star Ratings, Leapfrog, HACRP, and HRRP.

Goal Setting:

Align your organization's objectives with achievable goals derived from our simulations, ensuring optimal VBP payouts.

Evidence-based Quality Management:

Monitor the effectiveness of internal interventions. With Dexur's solutions, you can overlay them to ascertain their impact on improving VBP-related quality measures.

Best Practices:

Elevate your quality measures by tapping into expert-curated research and best practices published in the industry.