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Dexur’s Disease Burden, HEOR, RWE and Quality Outcomes Analytics

Dexur's anonymized claims database forms the bedrock of our disease burden data and dashboards. Our data collection and analysis processes are rigorous, ensuring we offer valuable insights into specific diseases, like Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease. This information includes vital metrics such as total cost of care, readmission rates, mortality, nursing home costs, and length of stay, among others.

Our services in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Real World Evidence (RWE) Analysis form an essential bridge between clinical trial findings and real-world health outcomes. This linkage aids in determining healthcare coverage and access, identifying the most effective interventions for specific patient populations, and prioritizing what matters to physicians, hospitals, ACOs, and payors.

Dexur utilizes its anonymized claims database to build disease burden data & dashboards at the national, regional, and hospital level. The outcomes for a specific disease (e.g., Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease) include the total cost of care, readmission, mortality, nursing home costs, length of stay, and any metric relevant to the disease.

Disease Burden Outcomes that Matter to Physicians, Hospitals, ACOs & Payors

How Dexur Disease Burden Data & Research are used

Physician & Provider Quality Insights

Our vast database of physician records from various healthcare facilities is continuously updated, providing valuable insights into cost and quality outcomes. Dexur’s Life Sciences App Suite offers deep insights into financial and clinical quality metrics that aid in analyzing Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Providers, and IDNs. This analytical power enables life sciences companies to have a more organized approach in targeting their products and services.

Our extensive knowledge of various quality programs like VBP, BPCI-A, HRRP, HACRP provides a unique advantage for life sciences companies. With Dexur's help, companies can leverage these insights for gathering, recording, and analyzing data and information about customers, competitors, and the market.

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