Hospital Associations Partner with Dexur to achieve Hospital Quality and Safety Excellence

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Dexur is either an endorsed business partner or associate member with several Hospital Associations including Indiana, Hospital Association of Southern California, Texas, Ohio and Alaska. See below announcements of Dexur being an endorsed business partner for Hospital Associations

Dexur and Indiana Hospital Association Partner to Enhance Healthcare Quality in Indiana

Southern California Hospitals to Reap Benefits in Quality Excellence from HASC-Dexur Partnership

We recognize the critical role of Hospital Associations in representing and serving their members' interests. By partnering with Dexur, Hospital Associations can offer their members advanced analytics solutions, enhancing their value proposition, and driving collective success.

1) Dexur Predictions: Empowering Forward-Thinking Strategies

In an increasingly data-driven healthcare environment, access to predictive analytics is vital. Our predictions, offering foresight into key metrics such as CMS Star Ratings, CMS Readmissions, CMS Mortality, Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), and Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) programs, enable Hospital Associations to provide their members with a strategic edge. As an example of our partnerships, we've joined forces with the Indiana Hospital Association, empowering their members with this critical foresight.

2) Dexur Simulations: Harnessing AI for Optimized Planning

Hospital Associations can further equip their members with Dexur's powerful simulations. These AI-assisted tools provide valuable insight into potential performance across different scenarios and percentile benchmarks. By understanding the most impactful measures to improve, member hospitals can streamline their strategic planning and resource allocation.

3) Dexur Measures & Data: Streamlining Data Management

Our Measures & Data feature offers a centralized hub for all key metrics, integrating seamlessly with both internal hospital data and external sources. By providing this streamlined data management solution, Hospital Associations can help their members focus on quality, safety, and compliance programs without the hassle of navigating fragmented data.

4) Dexur Goal Setting: Facilitating Collective Progress

Dexur's goal-setting feature allows Hospital Associations to promote cohesion and collaborative improvement among their members. By establishing aligned objectives based on our simulations and organizational priorities, member hospitals can work together towards common goals, fostering a sense of unity and collective progress.

5) Dexur Events & Interventions: Driving Evidence-Based Improvements

Hospital Associations can help their members make the most of change implementation with Dexur's "Events & Interventions" feature. By tracking every change and its impact on key measures, and providing access to our Best Practice Library of proven strategies, we offer an invaluable resource for guiding evidence-based improvements.

Dexur: A Valued Partner for Hospital Associations

By partnering with Dexur, Hospital Associations not only provide their members with invaluable tools to enhance healthcare outcomes, but they also add significant value to their own proposition. Our suite of advanced analytics solutions offers both immediate and long-term benefits, making Dexur an optimal partner for Hospital Associations keen on driving collective success among their members. Elevate your association's value proposition with Dexur, and let's shape the future of healthcare, together.