Integrate Patient Experience Analytics into Quality Programs

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Every healthcare institution aims to provide the best possible patient experience, and it's more than just about satisfaction – it's about quality of care, safety, and overall hospital performance. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) score is a crucial metric in major quality programs such as CMS Star Rating, VBP and Leapfrog.

Dexur offers the following solutions to help integrate your HCAHP’s Patient Experience measures into more extensive quality programs.

Predictions and Guidance:

Stay ahead of the curve! Integrate your HCAHPS measures into Dexur's sophisticated model. Receive monthly forecasts on CMS Star Rating, Leapfrog, and VBP for up to 3 years ahead. Strategize and plan with confidence.


Visualize your journey to excellence. Engage in manual and AI-driven simulations incorporating HCAHPS measures, delineating a clear path to achieving a CMS 5-Star Rating, enhancing Leapfrog scores, and maximizing VBP payouts.

AI Advisor:

Harness the power of artificial intelligence. Receive automated insights on quality measures and benefit from early warning alerts to enhance program scores. Detect and address deteriorating HCAHPS measures promptly with the AI Advisor.

Scorecards - Measures and Data:

All your crucial data in one place! Consolidate readmissions, mortality, HCAHPS, and more. Whether from HCAHPS vendors or internal hospital sources, Dexur dives deep into patient experience scores, pinpointing potential issues within measures.

Goal Setting:

Set your path to success. Establish HCAHPS goals derived from simulations and tailored to your organizational priorities, all with the ultimate aim of elevating your CMS Star, Leapfrog, and VBP scores.

Evidence-based Quality Management:

Evidence is power. Overlay your internal interventions with HCAHPS performance metrics, determining the real-world impact of your initiatives on patient experience.

Best Practices:

Why reinvent the wheel? Access a rich repository of expert-curated published research and best practices to refine and improve your HCAHPS measures continually.