Dexur Evidence Based Quality Management

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At Dexur, We don't just provide insights; we offer a holistic solution that helps you implement, track, and understand the impact of various interventions, protocols, actions, and best practices to exceed your quality goals.

Dexur’s Events & Interventions: Your Key to Evidence-Based Improvements

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, continuous improvement is vital. Hospitals frequently implement changes to improve quality measures like readmissions, mortality, HCAHPS scores, and safety. Yet, without a robust tracking system, visualizing the actual impact of these changes remains a significant challenge.

At Dexur, we address this challenge head-on with our unique "Events & Interventions" feature. Our advanced analytics tool allows you to track all changes you make, visualize their impact on key measures, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Tracking for All Changes

Dexur's "Events & Interventions" feature allows you to track every event, intervention, protocol, action, and best practice your organization implements. It enables you to gain a holistic view of all your improvement efforts and understand how they interact and impact your key performance measures.

Visualizing Impact for Informed Decision Making

Our advanced analytics don't just track changes; they allow you to visualize the impact of these changes. With Dexur, you can clearly see how different interventions are impacting key metrics like readmissions, mortality, HCAHPS scores, and safety. This visibility empowers you to make informed, evidence-based decisions to enhance your healthcare quality.

Dexur’s Best Practice Library: Leverage Proven Strategies

We understand that knowing what changes to implement can be as challenging as tracking them. That's why Dexur offers a comprehensive Best Practice Library.

Our library is curated from published research and includes a wealth of strategies that have been shown to improve healthcare measures. With Dexur, you have access to an extensive repository of proven interventions and protocols to inform your improvement efforts.

Dexur: The Future of Evidence-Based Healthcare Improvement

At Dexur, we are committed to helping you exceed your healthcare quality goals. Our "Events & Interventions" feature offers you a new, evidence-based approach to tracking interventions and visualizing their impact on quality outcomes.

With Dexur's comprehensive solutions, you're not just implementing changes; you're creating a culture of evidence-based, data-informed improvement. Let's revolutionize healthcare quality, together.