Unlocking the Power of AI and Advanced Analytics to Achieve Quality Excellence for Independent Hospitals with Dexur

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Dexur’s suite of advanced features and solutions is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by standalone hospitals, paving the way for improved healthcare outcomes and streamlined operations.

1) Dexur Predictions: Visualize the Future

Dexur's predictive analytics tool empowers independent hospitals to anticipate changes in key CMS metrics, including CMS Star Ratings, CMS Readmissions, CMS Mortality, Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), and Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) programs. By predicting these vital metrics up to three years into the future, we enable independent hospitals to make proactive, strategic decisions and stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

2) Dexur Simulations: Chart Your Path to Success

Our simulation capabilities offer a powerful, data-driven approach to strategic planning. With Dexur simulations, independent hospitals can visualize potential performance across various scenarios and percentile benchmarks from 10th to 90th. Our AI-assisted simulations also provide recommendations on the best measures to improve, enabling standalone hospitals to strategize efficiently and aim for optimal outcomes.

3) Dexur Measures & Data: Centralize Your Key Metrics

To combat the fragmentation of critical data, Dexur offers a Measures & Data feature. This tool consolidates all the key metrics impacting your quality, safety, and compliance programs, integrating them seamlessly with internal hospital data and external sources. Dexur’s predictions and actuals data are also added to the mix, making the Measures & Data feature a central hub for all your data needs.

4) Dexur Goal Setting: Align, Aim, Achieve

Success begins with setting the right goals. Dexur's goal-setting feature facilitates the creation of strategic, data-informed objectives based on simulations and organizational priorities. By aligning teams with these goals, independent hospitals can foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

5) Dexur Events & Interventions: Implement, Track, Improve

Dexur's "Events & Interventions" feature enables independent hospitals to track every implemented change, visualize its impact on key measures, and make informed, evidence-based decisions. Our Best Practice Library, curated from published research, offers proven strategies to guide your improvement efforts.

Dexur: Empowering Independent Hospitals

At Dexur, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities independent hospitals face. Our suite of solutions is designed to equip these organizations with the insights, foresight, and actionable data they need to improve healthcare outcomes, streamline operations, and navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with confidence.

Embrace the future of data-driven healthcare with Dexur. Let's drive healthcare quality improvement, together.