Dexur Rankings Data for Research, Licensing, Marketing and Promotional Purposes

Benefits of Rankings Data for Licensing, Marketing & Promotion:

Increase patient inflow to your practice based on your rankings since Research has shown that case volumes are correlated with better quality outcomes. Dexur rankings are trusted by patients, healthcare provider and media

License and Promote your top ranked status by sharing Dexur Rankings Logos, Plaques and other promotional material to display on your website, office, billboards and other marketing material.

Benefits of Rankings Data for Research:

Unique Data Driven Physician rankings at the location level and for detailed disease areas to understand top ranked physician, medicare claims volume.

Perform data driven market research to understand Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), influencers and experts in each disease area and location.

Understand physicians who treat top physicians and improve your referral patterns, targeting and messaging.

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Dexur Ranking Pricing Options

Plan Name Individual Physician Rankings Physician Group Practice Ranking Institution Ranking Dexur Act for Enterprise
Price $84/Mo (~$1000/Yr) $415/Mo ($5000/Yr) $833/Mo ($10,000/Yr) Contact Us
What it Includes
  • Only 1 Physician Ranking and all the rankings where the Physician is part of
  • Plaque
  • Content Licensing (Badge)
  • Rankings of all Physicians associated with the Physician Group / Practice
  • Rankings of all physicians for the disease category in the counties where the group services
  • Plaque for all physicians for the practice and a practice level plaque
  • Content Licensing (Badge) for all physicians for the practice and a practice level badge
  • Hospital associated physician groups in A Single Act
  • Complete state rankings for all physicians in state for all disease areas
  • Plaque
  • Content Licensing (Badge)
  • Everything in Institution
  • Quality Outcomes