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Dexur & researchers from top institutions such as Harvard Medical School have collaborated to publish several Real-World Evidence (RWE) based research papers in peer-reviewed publications.

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The above image, for example, shows one of the many studies done by Dexur in collaboration with Top institutions like Harvard Medical School. Dexur and the research team at Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital collaborated on multiple research projects related to exploring the impact of opioid use on healthcare systems and patient outcomes, as well as other research topics. The research used Dexur’s data to produce in-depth hospital-level quality outcomes analysis.

More than 500 Hospitals, Physicians & Healthcare Providers Trust and Share Dexur Rankings and Data

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Dexur is an approved purchaser of CMS claims data which it uses to produce data-driven rankings and research. Dexur generates national, state, and county-level reports based on several ranking cohorts. Physicians, hospitals, life sciences businesses, and other healthcare organizations utilize Dexur's ranking reports to monitor their performance and generate customized reports. Data and rankings from Dexur assist in-house marketing efforts to gain credibility.

The ranking can be embedded and shared on the doctor or hospital website, social media and other digital channels such as YouTube.

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The ranking was based on the number of patients who chose to have surgeries with the doctor. The ranking was analyzed from hospital claims data, NOT opinions. More surgeries by a doctor and experience is also associated with better patient outcomes.

Patients love dexur rankings

Dexur provides National, State, and County wise ranking reports based on various cohorts for Healthcare providers, including Physicians and Hospitals. The rating is based on claims data rather than just reviews and opinions. For example, Dexur’s Physician ranking is completely based on Experience and Patient Volume. Research has shown that case volume and experience is positively correlated with better outcomes. Our Rankings help patients choose the right healthcare provider for their various disease conditions. Dexur rankings are entirely based on data, allowing patients to make decisions based on facts rather than subjective opinions.


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Top Healthcare leaders and Organizational heads, especially the C-Suite, trust dexur’s data to monitor their organization’s performance. Leading healthcare providers like Intrepid and Parkview use Dexur’s data to elevate their quality and value outcomes programs. Here are some of the success stories and case studies on how Dexur’s data and services help healthcare providers, life sciences, and medical device companies.


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Dexur and its team of experts help publications gather and understand the most complex data on various Disease conditions, Ranking cohorts, Physicians, Hospital quality outcomes, etc., for their news stories and articles. Journalists, reporters, and media outlets have used Dexur's data to write articles and news that are backed by credible data. For example, a report on Cost of Hip and Knee replacement surgeries in North Texas by D-Magazine uses Dexur’s analysis to calculate the Medicare spending per beneficiary (MSPB) cost for hospitals in the areas and ranked them based on price. Similarly, an article on the Top Spine Surgeons in Florida by Becker’s Spine Review used Dexur data to analyze Physicians in the region based on volume and experience.