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Price $417/Month ($5,000/Year) $1,667/Month ($20,000/Year)
Custom Reports 3 15
Number of Users 1 All Users within Organization
Data, Image & Video Licensing for Rankings 1 Asset All Assets
Data Driven Rankings
State level Hospital & Condition specific quality outcomes rankings
State level Surgeon and condition specific rankings
State level Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Rankings
Emergency Department, Outpatient and other rankings
Hospital Level Quality Outcomes
DRG Discharges & Counts
DRG Level Quality Outcomes (e.g. LOS, Readmission Rates, Mortality Rates, SNF Discharge Rates)
County Level Market Share Data
DRG Level Cost & Payment Outcomes (e.g. Revenue Per Day, Revenue Per Discharge)
Historical advanced Hospital Cost Report Data
Basic Hospital Cost Report Data (e.g. Beds, Revenue, Cost)
Advanced Hospital Cost Report Data (e.g. Department Level Revenue, Cost and Utilization Factors)
Historical advanced Hospital Cost Report Data
Physician Level Metrics
Physician Level Discharge & Volume Counts
Physician Level Affiliation & Market Share Metrics
Physician Level Quality Outcomes (e.g. LOS)
ICD & DRG Level Quality Metrics
ICD & DRG Discharge Counts
ICD & DRG Top Physicians & Hospitals
ICD & DRG Quality Outcomes