Examples: ICD M32, ICD R6521, ICD 8210, ICD 1970

R00 to R99 - ICD 10 Diagnosis Code - Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified - Market Size, Prevalence, Incidence, Quality Outcomes, Top Hospitals & Physicians

ICD CodeDescription
R00-R09Symptoms and signs involving the circulatory and respiratory systems
R10-R19Symptoms and signs involving the digestive system and abdomen
R20-R23Symptoms and signs involving the skin and subcutaneous tissue
R25-R29Symptoms and signs involving the nervous and musculoskeletal systems
R30-R39Symptoms and signs involving the genitourinary system
R40-R46Symptoms and signs involving cognition, perception, emotional state and behavior
R47-R49Symptoms and signs involving speech and voice
R50-R69General symptoms and signs
R70-R79Abnormal findings on examination of blood, without diagnosis
R80-R82Abnormal findings on examination of urine, without diagnosis
R83-R89Abnormal findings on examination of other body fluids, substances and tissues, without diagnosis
R90-R94Abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging and in function studies, without diagnosis
R97-R97Abnormal tumor markers
R99-R99Ill-defined and unknown cause of mortality