Harnessing AI for Early Warning Alerts in Hospital Quality Metrics

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Every day, hospitals and healthcare systems grapple with hundreds of quality measures that impact critical quality programs like CMS Star Rating, VBP, HRRP, and Leapfrog. These measures, encompassing everything from mortality and readmission rates to HCAHPS Patient experience measures, are pivotal in determining patient care strategies, upholding hospital reputation, and clinching significant financial incentives.

The Current Challenges for Hospitals

The Need for Early Warning in Quality Metrics

Catching them at nascent stages is vital before potential pitfalls evolve into substantial issues. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a transformational role. By employing AI, we can effortlessly sift through mountains of data, identify patterns, and detect early warning signs – nuances that might elude human observation.

In an era where timely action can make all the difference, Dexur has been at the forefront with an AI solution geared towards proactive measures. The AI Advisor Solution includes:

If your hospital is interested in getting a sample of AI-driven early warning alerts based on Medicare Claims data, please send a email (DexurAIQualityAdvisor@dexur3.com) to access the AI quality insights for your hospital.

Dexur’s AI Advisor Solution also provides a free version that represents a sampling of Dexur's comprehensive paid offerings, and it will produce a limited high-value set of insights based on available Medicare claims data without relying on members to provide additional data to Hospital association members.

For example, the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) and Dexur have partnered together to provide Hospital-Specific AI Quality Insights to all IHA members. IHA is organizing a Webinar for Dexur to share more information on this new exciting groundbreaking program for IHA members on Sep 19th, 2023 at 2PM. The Webinar can help your hospital association understand how cutting-edge quality programs may benefit hospital association members.

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