Dexur Overview and Demo Video: Healthcare’s Unified AI Quality, Safety, Risk & Incident Software

Get Dexur’s Personalized Hospital Specific Presentation on Quality, Safety, Compliance & Education

The video overviews Dexur, an AI-driven unified software for quality, safety, risk, and incident management, highlighting how it helps healthcare organizations save costs, improve efficiency, and enhance patient outcomes. It features Dexur's comprehensive capabilities, which include data ingestion, cross-program integration, AI Advisor Reports, predictive analytics, quality program management, and advanced simulations. It demonstrates Dexur's ability to streamline processes, provide actionable insights, and support decision-making across various healthcare programs.

Our philosophy at Dexur is that Quality is not just a department but a mindset. Our unified Quality + Incident software, priced at $30k per hospital per year, brings quality into every aspect of an organization. This approach helps cut costs by 50-80%, making operations more efficient and effective.

Dexur is currently offering a free trial of Monthly CMS Star Rating guidance snapshots from Dexur’s Quality Module. As part of the trial, hospitals can submit some of their internal data (e.g., NHSN Safety Data, HCAHPS, etc.), and Dexur can ingest this data to provide monthly guidance snapshots on your hospital’s CMS Star Rating 12-18 months in advance of the final CMS published data. The snapshot will include the overall CMS Star Rating and its key domains, such as Readmissions, Mortality, HCAHPS, Safety, and Timely and Effective care. In 2023, our annual predictions for the CMS Star rating achieved an accuracy rate of 98%.

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