Webinar: Dexur Releases its Annual 2024 CMS Star Rating Predictions

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Dexur makes its annual predictions on CMS Star Ratings before CMS Star Ratings are published in July of every year. In 2023, Dexur had a 98% accuracy rate in its annual prediction rate. To get an understanding of your Hospital’s increase in decrease of your Star Rating, you can search for your Hospital’s prediction via the Hospital Search Function or you can also go through any Hospital’s CMS Star Rating predictions direction by browsing through state pages. To get the actual Star Rating prediction and a glimpse of the key drivers of the performance, you can also reach out to Dexur by email dexur@dexur.com.

The table below gives a summary of the changes from 2023 to the 2024 Predictions and the changes.

Dexur is also organizing webinars on our 2024 Annual CMS Star Rating predictions. Please click on the below links to attend these webinars to discover the key factors influencing your hospital's CMS Star ratings:

  1. Feb 27 at 1 PM EST

  2. Feb 29 at 1 PM EST

  3. Mar 6 at 1 PM EST

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