Dexur’s 2024 CMS Star Rating Guidance in August 2023 is now available

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Dexur’s 2024 Star Rating August 2023 Guidance is now available for hospitals and healthcare providers to review. Dexur has a 98% accuracy rate for its predictions in February. Our guidances, based on partial data, are less accurate but are still very useful to understand directionality, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Dexur customers may have a different guidance than what is shared below because they may have provided additional data to use in our guidance model.

How to Access Your Hospital’s 2024 CMS Star Rating August 2023 Guidance:

  1. Browse State Wise Hospital Guidance by clicking through on this link (this defaults to Indiana State, change the filter for your state)

  2. Go to and search for your Hospital Name and click through on the search result to see your CMS Star Rating Guidance. Here is an example for Ascension St. VIncent in Indianapolis:

To get more details beyond the directionality of trends compared to prior years, we also provide some additional free information through Dexur’s partnerships with state hospital associations. Please contact your Hospital association to check if some Dexur data is available for free via your Hospital association’s partnership with Dexur.

Dexur can also do a personalized sample presentation for potential customers. Please reach out to us by emailing us at or filling in the form in this article.

What Data and Time Period was the August 2023 Guidance based on:

The detailed and sample report for prospective customers and Dexur partnered Hospital Association members will have the measure wise data and time period matches break down. The high level summary is given below:

  1. Mortality (22% of Total CMS Star Rating Weightage):The data for the time period included in the July 2023 CMS published file matched for all measures and time periods except for PSI4.

  2. Readmission (22% of Total CMS Star Rating Weightage): CMS published July 2023 file that had 100% match for most readmissions measures and time periods and partial data for measures such as OP

  3. Safety & HAI (22% of Total CMS Star Rating Weightage): Safety and HAI measures had an overlap period of 6 months and included 6 months of prior period

  4. HCAHPS / Patient Experience (22% of Total CMS Star Rating Weightage): Safety and HAI measures had an overlap period of 6 months and included 6 months of prior period

  5. Timely and Effective Care (12% of Total CMS Star Rating Weightage): Some measures had partial data overlap measures.