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DRG Category Total Unique Beneficiaries Discharged (Oct 2016 to Sep 2019) 14 Day Home Health Admission Rate Post Hospital Discharge (%) Home Health Total Episodes Visits per Episode CHI Health at Home - Omaha - Omaha, NE Visiting Nurse Association of the Midlands - Omaha, NE Midwest Home Health - Angels Care Home Health - Omaha, NE Home Nursing With Heart - Omaha, NE Hillcrest Health Services - Bellevue, NE
All 6,020
Surgical 2,010
Non Surgical 4,483
Psychoses 805
Septicemia or Severe Sepsis 765
Combined Anterior/Posterior Spinal Fusion 415
Degenerative Nervous System Disorders 374
Spinal Fusion Except Cervical 317
Intracranial Hemorrhage or Cerebral Infarction 291
Major Hip and Knee Joint Replacement or Reattachment of Lower Extremity 244
Heart Failure and Shock 236
Aftercare, Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 234
Renal Failure 177
Pulmonary Edema and Respiratory Failure 140
Simple Pneumonia and Pleurisy 136
Seizures 129
Signs and Symptoms 118
Aftercare 107
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 106
Nutritional and Miscellaneous Metabolic Disorders 97
Other Disorders of Nervous System 87
Other Kidney and Urinary Tract Diagnoses 76
Nonspecific Cerebrovascular Disorders 74
Respiratory System Diagnosis with Ventilator Support 62
Medical Back Problems 56
Cellulitis 54
Cranial and Peripheral Nerve Disorders 44