Dexur's AI Advisor Shows Quality Improvement is a Game of Inches

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Dexur had already previously published that the difference between the Bottom 10th & top 90th Performance Percentiles of CMS Readmission and Mortality Measures is Very Small. Dexur’s AI Advisor can automatically analyze a Hospital’s data and give very specific goals and counts on what it takes for Hospitals to get to the top 90th percentile. Dexur’s AI Advisor's findings suggest that for many hospitals, reducing readmissions and mortalities by less than 10 per year can significantly boost their percentile ranking. This revelation is crucial as it indicates that even minor improvements can lead to substantial gains in a hospital's performance metrics.

Case Study: >500 Bed Hospital for Pneumonia Readmissions

To elucidate, consider a >500 bed hospital dealing with Pneumonia Readmissions. Dexur’s AI Advisor analyzed data over three years, encompassing approximately 227 Pneumonia Medicare FFS Index Hospitalizations. The target rate to be in the top 90% was identified as 16%. The AI Advisor calculated that to escalate from the bottom 10% (22.03%) to the top 90th percentile (16%), the hospital needs to reduce its readmissions by merely 5 per year.

Target Readmission Rate Percentile Index Hospitalizations over 3 Years Target Readmission Over 3 Years Number of Readmission Reductions per year
22.03% (Hospital Current Score) 10th Percentile 227 50 NA
18.2% 10th Percentile 227 41 NA (Already above target percentile)
17.4% 30th Percentile 227 39 4 Readmission /Year
17% 50th Percentile 227 39 4 Readmission/Year
16.6% 70th Percentile 227 38 4 Readmission/Year
16% 90th Percentile 227 36 5 Readmission/Year
Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals

Dexur's AI Advisor doesn't just stop at data analysis; it also extends its capabilities to goal setting. Hospitals can utilize this feature to set specific, data-driven goals. In the case study mentioned, reducing pneumonia readmissions by 5 per year is not just a statistical observation but a tangible target, integral to the hospital’s strategic planning.

The Imperative of Follow-up For Every Patient

These findings underscore a critical aspect of healthcare management: the necessity for comprehensive patient care and follow-up. Given that the example translates to roughly 6 pneumonia patients per month (227 Patients over 3 years/36 Months), it highlights the need for meticulous patient tracking and intervention. Dexur's Quality, Safety, Risk & Incident Software offers pre-built episode tracking, which can be a vital asset in this endeavor.