Mississippi Kidney & UTI Physicians: Dr. Joseph L. Pratt of Magnolia Regional Health Center had the Highest Discharge Volume and the Lowest Readmission Rate

By: Jeffrey Maser  Apr. 16, 2018

Dr. Joseph L. Pratt of Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth accounted for 226 Medicare inpatient kidney and urinary tract infection (UTI) discharges between 2013-2016, the most of any physician in Mississippi, according to a Dexur analysis. Dr. Pratt was the only physician in the state to report over 150 such discharges during the time frame. Dr. Nurudeen Shekoni of St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson ranked 2nd with 147 discharges, while Dr. Gabriel Zevallos of Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in McComb ranked 3rd with 114. Dr. Don A. Gibson ranked 4th with 112 discharges practicing at both St. Dominic Hospital and Baptist Medical Center in Jackson. These were the only four Mississippi physicians with over 100 discharges for the condition. Dr. Zina D. Lee, also of Baptist Medical Center, rounded out the top five with 96 discharges.

Physicians from Mississippi were included in the rankings if they accounted for 11 or more total kidney and UTI discharges as the attending physician between January 2013 - December 2016. Only 23 physicians in the state accounted for 50 or more discharges. Kidney and UTI discharges consist of DRG-690 (Kidney And Urinary Tract Infections Without Major Complication or Comorbidity) and DRG-689 (Kidney And Urinary Tract Infections With Major Complication or Comorbidity). DRG-690 accounted for nearly two-thirds of the kidney and UTI discharges throughout the nation. During the analyzed time period, there were 165,593 Medicare discharges attributed to DRG-690 and 88,336 discharges for DRG-689.

In addition to ranking 1st in volume for all kidney and UTI discharges, Dr. Pratt also led the state in volume for DRG-690, specifically. His 185 DRG-190 discharges were nearly double those of Dr. Shekoni, who ranked 2nd in volume with 94. Dr. Gibson ranked 3rd with 82 and these three physicians were the only ones in the state with more than 70 DRG-690 discharges over the four year period. Furthermore, Dr. Pratt also led all analyzed physicians with the lowest readmission rate at 17.8%. Dr. Pratt was one of only three analyzed physicians with a rate below the national average of 18.76%. The other two physicians were Dr. Parvesh Goel, of St. Dominic Hospital, who had a readmission rate of 18.3% and Dr. Zina D. Lee, of Baptist Medical Center, who had a rate below 18.52%.*

*<11 readmissions - actual rate cannot be disclosed as per CMS privacy guidelines


  1. Hospital Location and Discharge Volume for All Kidney & UTI Discharges for the Nation, Mississippi Medicare Enrollees and the 10 Mississippi Physicians with the Highest Discharge Volume for All Kidney & UTI Discharges between January 2013 - December 2016
  2. Hospital Location, DRG-690 Discharge Volume, DRG-690 Average LOS and DRG-690 Readmission Rate for the Nation, Mississippi Medicare Enrollees and the 10 Mississippi Physicians with the Highest DRG-690 Discharge Volume between January 2013 - December 2016


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