9 Ways Hospital Quality Teams Go Astray With Internal Dashboards and Tracking

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Hospitals rely on internal quality dashboards to track various measures to improve in CMS Star Ratings, VBP, Leapfrog, HRRP, HACRP, and other programs. However, despite these efforts, several inherent challenges in the current systems can lead hospitals astray. Dexur offers an innovative solution by combining internal data with its proprietary data and utilizing best-in-class scoreboard tracking algorithms, presenting a more comprehensive and accurate picture of hospital quality.

    No Line of Sight to Out-of-Hospital Data: Complexity in Risk Adjustment: Deciphering Multiple Data Elements: Incorrectly Configured Goals: Issues with Data Granularity: Lack of Context into Interventions: Data Abundance, Insight Scarcity: Isolation in Measure Tracking: Limited Forecasting Ability:

In conclusion, while internal hospital tracking presents a myriad of challenges, from deciphering multifaceted data elements to forecasting future performance, solutions like those offered by Dexur are playing a crucial role in addressing these issues. Integrating varied data and providing comprehensive insights are imperative for hospitals aiming to improve quality programs and deliver enhanced patient care.