Dr. Alexander S. Mclawhorn is a top-ranked physician with most experience for Hip & Knee Replacement in United States

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Dr.Alexander S. Mclawhorn is a top-ranked Physician with most experience for Hip & Knee Replacement in the United States according to Dexur’s analysis of Patient volumes. Research suggests that patient case volume and experience is positively correlated with better quality outcomes. Dexur is an approved purchaser of CMS claims data and the leading Quality Excellence platform for healthcare providers in the US. Dexur's data is trusted by healthcare leaders, media and top academic institutions such as Harvard.

Dr. Alexander S. Mclawhorn is one of the most experienced Orthopedic surgeon in the region based on number of unique patients treated and ranks top in Dexur Physician ranking categories including:

Our rankings are formulated based on the analysis of patient volumes for all physicians for the condition in the region. The number of unique Hip & Knee Replacement patients treated by Dr. McLawhorn was one of the highest among Physicians treating the condition in the United States, thus making him a top-ranked Physician for experience in Dexur Rankings in New York and Connecticut as well.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Alexander S. Mclawhorn serves in the counties of Fairfield in Connecticut and New York and Westchester in NY. He graduated in 2010, and He has been in practice for more than 13 years. Dr.Mclawhorn is currently affiliated with Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS).

Dexur’s ranking reports are unbiased data driven rankings that help patients and referring physicians make the most appropriate choices in healthcare.