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The Hospital CMS Star Ratings, designed to measure the quality of healthcare institutions, often present hospitals with the challenging task of comprehending its intricate methodologies, encompassing performance periods, time lags, and specific weights of different measures. Dexur, recognizing the complexity of these ratings, has identified that a significant portion of their interactions with hospitals revolves around elucidating these aspects. The need for clarity becomes particularly pronounced when considering that various teams within hospitals - from top-tier executives like the CEO, COO, CMO, CQO, and CNO to the Quality Departments - often have divergent understandings of how the Star Ratings function.

Addressing this inconsistency in understanding, Dexur has taken a proactive step by launching a free educative poster. The meticulously designed poster, aims to break down the multifaceted CMS Star Ratings into simpler terms. It offers insights into the constituent measures, their specific timeframes, the inherent lags, and the relative importance of each measure in the overall rating. This initiative intendsis to provide all hospital groups, regardless of their prior knowledge, a unified foundation on the Star Ratings' mechanics.

Dexur envisions this poster as a practical tool for hospitals, allowing for easy reference and discussion. Its versatility ensures that it can be conveniently displayed in various settings, be it on walls of busy hospital corridors,on executives' desks, or in conference rooms during strategic meetings. By doing so, Dexur hopes to cultivate a more informed hospital community wherein every stakeholder understands and appreciates the nuances of the CMS Star Ratings.

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