How Dexur Helps Hospitals Achieve Quality Excellence

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This white paper is part of the Dexur Quality Sights education program which is focused on Hospital Quality and Safety topics and is read by CMOs, CNOs, CQOs, and Quality and Safety Teams. Please email to request more white papers like this and receive updates from Dexur on quality and safety topics (not more than once per week)

Hospitals are often surprised by the outcomes of CMS Programs and struggle to improve CMS Star Ratings and Payouts and reduce Penalties. This is because of four reasons:

  1. Lack of out-of-hospital data (e.g., for 30-day readmissions and mortality)
  2. Lack of expert resources to update changing quality measure algorithms
  3. Little room for error in final measure scores
  4. Lack of scale and budget to invest in modern software.
With Dexur's comprehensive platform, Hospitals can identify the seven essential strategies to unlock the path to Hospital quality and safety excellence
  1. Predictions: Predict your CMS Star Ratings, HRRP, VBP & MSPB 1 to 3 years into the future
  2. Simulations: Manual and AI simulations for a path to CMS 5 Star Rating, avoiding HRRP penalties and increasing your VBP payout
  3. Measures & Data: Consolidate all measures (e.g. Readmissions, Mortality, HCAHPS…) into one place and track the disparate data sources to measure against goals and actions
  4. Goal Setting: Set goals based on simulations and organization priorities to align teams to achieve improvements
  5. Events & Interventions: Track actions and interventions that will help meet your goals and see if they are having an impact
  6. Risk Factors: Identify Risk factors and the impact they have on your quality measures
  7. Best Practices: Dexur identifies published research that can used for interventions in your quality programs