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Medical Device URESIL LLC - Product Listings & Directory

URESIL LLC - Product Listings & Guides

Organization Name DUNS Number Phone No Email No Of Devices
URESIL LLC 192559557 1-800-538-7374 13

URESIL LLC - Medical Device Products

Brand Name Version or Model Commercial Distribution Status Catalog Number Primary DI Number Issuing Agency Device Count DUNS Number Commercial Distribution End Date Device Description
Tru-Incise Valvulotome with Interchangeable Heads 3 In Commercial Distribution TIVK2030 H862TIVK20300 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Tru-Incise Valvulotome
Ulti-Flo General Purpose Drainage Catheter 2 In Commercial Distribution LBNL-2850H H862LBNL2850H0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA ULTI-flo Non-locking Catheter 28F
Tru-Fix Catheter Fixation Kit 3 In Commercial Distribution TFK-16 H862TFK160 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Tru-Fix Catheter Fixation Kit - 16F
Tru-Close Suction Drainage System 2 In Commercial Distribution TCY2 H862TCY20 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA "Y" Connector Tubing Set
Thora-Vent Thoracic Vent 2 In Commercial Distribution TVST H862TVST0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA THORA-VENT Suction Tubing Set
Symphony Centesis Drainage Kit 2 In Commercial Distribution CTK-6 00817640020028 GS1 1 192559557 NA Symphony Centesis Drainage Kit 6F
Posi-Stick Introducer Set 2 In Commercial Distribution PS2-38SW H862PS238SW0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Posi-Stick Intro. Set w/PT Marker & .038" Super-Stiff GW
Nephro-Stent Nephroureteral Stent Catheter 3 In Commercial Distribution NSL2-1028H H862NSL21028H0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Nephroureteral Stent "H" Catheter - Locking - 10F 28
Nephro-Cath Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter 2 In Commercial Distribution NCP-1235HB H862NCP1235HB0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Nephrostomy "HB" Catheter - Non-Locking - 12F 35
Gravity Drainage Bag 2 In Commercial Distribution TC600L H862TC600L0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Tru-Close 600 Gravity Drainage Bag w/36" I.T.
GP General Purpose Drainage Catheter 2 In Commercial Distribution MPL2-1030HB H862MPL21030HB0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Mini-Pigtail "HB" Catheter - Locking - 10F 30
Chole-Cath Biliary Drainage Catheter 3 In Commercial Distribution CCL2-1650HB H862CCL21650HB0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Biliary "HB" Catheter - Locking - 16F 50
Aspiration and Flush Assembly 2 In Commercial Distribution UFA-LL H862UFALL0 HIBCC 1 192559557 NA Universal Funnel Adapter-Luer Lock