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Medical Device SILK ROAD MEDICAL INC - Product Listings & Directory

SILK ROAD MEDICAL INC - Product Listings & Guides

Organization Name DUNS Number Phone No Email No Of Devices
SILK ROAD MEDICAL INC 022516829 1-855-410-8227 3

SILK ROAD MEDICAL INC - Medical Device Products

Brand Name Version or Model Commercial Distribution Status Catalog Number Primary DI Number Issuing Agency Device Count DUNS Number Commercial Distribution End Date Device Description
ENROUTE Transcarotid Neuroprotection System 3 In Commercial Distribution SR-200-NPS 00811311020829 GS1 1 022516829 NA Angled-Tip Arterial Sheath Configuration
ENROUTE Transcarotid Stent 3 In Commercial Distribution SR-1040-CS 00811311020539 GS1 1 022516829 NA 10 mm X 40 mm
ENROUTE .014" Guidewire 2 In Commercial Distribution SR-014-GW 10811311020543 GS1 1 022516829 NA ENROUTE .014" Guidewire, US