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Referring Hospital DRG Total Hospitalizations (Apr 2016 to Mar 2019) Total Medicare Payments Episode Days Total Hospitalizations % of Hospitalizations with ED % of Hospitalizations with Nursing Home % of Hospitalizations with a Home Health % of Hospitalizations with a Hospice Avg. Costs Per Hospitalization Avg. Costs Per Hospitalization (excl Hospice) Avg. Index Hospitalization Avg. Rehospitalization cost per Hospitalization Avg. Rehospitalization cost per Re-Hospitalization Avg. ED cost per Hospitalization Avg. Nursing Home Cost per Hospitalization Avg. Home Health Cost per Hospitalization Avg. Hospice Cost per Hospitalization Average Nursing Home Costs per Hospitalization when Nursing Home is Involved Nursing Home - Premier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Jacksonville, NC Nursing Home - Woodbury Wellness Center Inc, Hampstead, NC Nursing Home - The Davis Community, Wilmington, NC Nursing Home - Carolina Rivers Nursing And Rehabilitation Center, Jacksonville, NC Nursing Home - Kenansville Health & Rehabilitation Center, Kenansville, NC Average Home Health Costs per Hospitalization when Home Health is Involved Home Health - Well Care Home Health, Wilmington, NC Home Health - Liberty Home Care, Jacksonville, NC Home Health - Continuum Home Care And Hospic, Jacksonville, NC Home Health - Kindred at Home, Pollocksville, NC Home Health - Onslow County Home Hlth & Hosp, Jacksonville, NC Average Hospice Costs per Hospitalization when Hospice is Involved Hospice - Onslow County Home Hlth & Hosp, Jacksonville, NC Hospice - 3HC - Home Health and Hospice Care, Goldsboro, NC Hospice - Lower Cape Fear Hospice, Wilmington, NC Hospice - Continuum Home Care & Hospice, Jacksonville, NC Hospice - Community Hospice, New Bern, NC
Onslow Memorial Hospital All 7,626
Onslow Memorial Hospital Surgical 1,086
Onslow Memorial Hospital Non Surgical 6,540
Onslow Memorial Hospital Pulmonology 1,694
Onslow Memorial Hospital General Medicine 1,460
Onslow Memorial Hospital Cardiovascular 1,168
Onslow Memorial Hospital Gastroenterology & Endocrinology 738
Onslow Memorial Hospital Orthopedics 720
Onslow Memorial Hospital Urology 708
Onslow Memorial Hospital Neurology 448
Onslow Memorial Hospital General Surgery 332
Onslow Memorial Hospital Oncology & Hematology 175
Onslow Memorial Hospital Colorectal 71
Onslow Memorial Hospital Psychiatry & Mental Disorders 51
Onslow Memorial Hospital Obstetrics & Gynecology 31
Onslow Memorial Hospital Dermatology 15