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ICD Code ICD Description Total Stays Total Patients Total Revenue Revenue per Stay Revenue per Day Median LOS 30 Day Hospital Readmission from Hospital Source % of SNF Stays by Hospital Source within 1 day Transfer from Hospital (Different Facility)
I10 Essential (primary) hypertension
E785 Hyperlipidemia, unspecified
M6281 Muscle weakness (generalized)
R262 Difficulty in walking, not elsewhere classified
K219 Gastro-esophageal reflux disease without esophagitis
E039 Hypothyroidism, unspecified
I2510 Atherosclerotic heart disease of native coronary artery without angina pectoris
I4891 Unspecified atrial fibrillation
N390 Urinary tract infection, site not specified
E119 Type 2 diabetes mellitus without complications
R488 Other symbolic dysfunctions
F419 Anxiety disorder, unspecified
F329 Major depressive disorder, single episode, unspecified
D649 Anemia, unspecified
J449 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, unspecified
M810 Age-related osteoporosis without current pathological fracture
F0390 Unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance
N189 Chronic kidney disease, unspecified
S72001D Fracture of unspecified part of neck of right femur, subsequent encounter for closed fracture with routine healing
J189 Pneumonia, unspecified organism
S72002D Fracture of unspecified part of neck of left femur, subsequent encounter for closed fracture with routine healing
I509 Heart failure, unspecified
J45909 Unspecified asthma, uncomplicated
F328 Other depressive episodes
Z950 Presence of cardiac pacemaker
K922 Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, unspecified
R1312 Dysphagia, oropharyngeal phase