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Referring Hospital DRG Total Hospitalizations (Apr 2016 to Mar 2019) Total Medicare Payments Episode Days Total Hospitalizations % of Hospitalizations with ED % of Hospitalizations with Nursing Home % of Hospitalizations with a Home Health % of Hospitalizations with a Hospice Avg. Costs Per Hospitalization Avg. Costs Per Hospitalization (excl Hospice) Avg. Index Hospitalization Avg. Rehospitalization cost per Hospitalization Avg. Rehospitalization cost per Re-Hospitalization Avg. ED cost per Hospitalization Avg. Nursing Home Cost per Hospitalization Avg. Home Health Cost per Hospitalization Avg. Hospice Cost per Hospitalization Average Nursing Home Costs per Hospitalization when Nursing Home is Involved Nursing Home - Amsterdam Nursing Home, New York, NY Nursing Home - The New Jewish Home, Manhattan, New York, NY Nursing Home - Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, New York, NY Nursing Home - The Riverside, New York, NY Nursing Home - Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, New York, NY Average Home Health Costs per Hospitalization when Home Health is Involved Home Health - Visiting Nurse Service of New York, New York, NY Home Health - Archcare at Home, Valhalla, NY Home Health - Americare Certified Special Services, Brooklyn, NY Home Health - MJHS Health System, Brooklyn, NY Home Health - The New Jewish Home, Home Care (Chha), New York, NY Average Hospice Costs per Hospitalization when Hospice is Involved Hospice - MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, New York, NY Hospice - Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY Hospice - Visiting Nurse Service of New York, New York, NY
Mount Sinai West All 20,339
Mount Sinai West Surgical 6,082
Mount Sinai West Non Surgical 14,257
Mount Sinai West Cardiovascular 4,089
Mount Sinai West General Medicine 3,559
Mount Sinai West Orthopedics 2,846
Mount Sinai West Gastroenterology & Endocrinology 1,669
Mount Sinai West Neurology 1,592
Mount Sinai West Urology 1,520
Mount Sinai West Pulmonology 1,475
Mount Sinai West General Surgery 1,472
Mount Sinai West Psychiatry & Mental Disorders 796
Mount Sinai West Oncology & Hematology 585
Mount Sinai West Spine 217
Mount Sinai West Colorectal 194
Mount Sinai West Obesity, Bariatric, Stomach & Duodenal 116
Mount Sinai West Obstetrics & Gynecology 107
Mount Sinai West Dermatology 102