Critical Hospital Specific Quality Outcomes and Data to Help Your Medical Device Organization Succeed

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Hospital Specific Reimbursement Guides & Quality Outcomes

Most large Medical Device Organizations, such as Medtronic, have simple national reimbursement guides (see here) to increase commercial acceptance. We take it to the next level. Dexur is the only offering to provide hospital specific reimbursement guides, business case, ROI, HEOR and quality outcomes.

License to share Reimbursement Guides & Quality Outcomes with Hospital Customers

Hospitals often want to see the details of the reimbursement guides and quality outcomes that are relevant to them. Dexur can provide licenses to share relevant information to hospital customers of Medical Device Organizations. Sales people and distributors can share this information to build relationships and develop business cases at the hospital.

Physicians Impacted by your Medical Device

Selling medical devices involves sharing the benefits of the device to key physicians that may be impacted by the usage of the device. Dexur’s unparalleled physician level information shows precisely who to reach to help gain acceptance of your product.

Users & Access

Dexur provides varying levels of user access to your company and your medical device distributor partners based on the plan.