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Medical Device HEARTFLOW INC - Product Listings & Directory

HEARTFLOW INC - Product Listings & Guides

Organization Name DUNS Number Phone No Email No Of Devices
HEARTFLOW INC 804411283 +16502410500 1

HEARTFLOW INC - Medical Device Products

Brand Name Version or Model Commercial Distribution Status Catalog Number Primary DI Number Issuing Agency Device Count DUNS Number Commercial Distribution End Date Device Description
FFRct 4 In Commercial Distribution NA 00853341006015 GS1 1 804411283 NA HeartFlow FFRct is an image analysis software developed for the clinical quantitative and qualitative analysis ofpreviously acquired Computed Tomography DICOM data. It is a tool for the analysis of CT DICOM-compliant cardiac images anddata, to assess the anatomy and function of the coronary arteries. The software displays the anatomy combined with functionalinformation using graphics and text, including computed and derived quantities of blood flow, pressure and velocity, to aid theclinician in the assessment of coronary artery disease. HeartFlow FFRct is independent of imaging equipment, imaging protocolsand equipment vendors. HeartFlow analyses are performed on previously physician-acquired image data and are unrelated toacquisition equipment and workstations.