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Medical Device NUMED INC - Product Listings & Directory

NUMED INC - Product Listings & Guides

Organization Name DUNS Number Phone No Email No Of Devices
NUMED INC 114186877 No Customer Contact currently defined No Customer Contact currently defined 3

NUMED INC - Medical Device Products

Brand Name Version or Model Commercial Distribution Status Catalog Number Primary DI Number Issuing Agency Device Count DUNS Number Commercial Distribution End Date Device Description
REBOA Catheter 3 In Commercial Distribution RB402070 10887714025256 GS1 1 114186877 NA A coaxial catheter recommended for temporary occlusion of the aorta.
Tearduct Catheter 2 In Commercial Distribution TD100 10887714012140 GS1 1 114186877 NA Catheter intended for dacryocystoplasty.
SF-NIH 3 In Commercial Distribution SF460 10887714024525 GS1 1 114186877 NA A simgle lumen catheter used for injection of radiopaque media and pressure measurements of cardiovascular vessels / chambers.