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D10 to D36 - ICD 10 Diagnosis Code - Benign neoplasms, except benign neuroendocrine tumors - Market Size, Prevalence, Incidence, Quality Outcomes, Top Hospitals & Physicians

ICD CodeDescription
D10Benign neoplasm of mouth and pharynx
D11Benign neoplasm of major salivary glands
D12Benign neoplasm of colon, rectum, anus and anal canal
D13Benign neoplasm of other and ill-defined parts of digestive system
D14Benign neoplasm of middle ear and respiratory system
D15Benign neoplasm of other and unspecified intrathoracic organs
D16Benign neoplasm of bone and articular cartilage
D17Benign lipomatous neoplasm
D18Hemangioma and lymphangioma, any site
D19Benign neoplasm of mesothelial tissue
D20Benign neoplasm of soft tissue of retroperitoneum and peritoneum
D21Other benign neoplasms of connective and other soft tissue
D22Melanocytic nevi
D23Other benign neoplasms of skin
D24Benign neoplasm of breast
D25Leiomyoma of uterus
D26Other benign neoplasms of uterus
D27Benign neoplasm of ovary
D28Benign neoplasm of other and unspecified female genital organs
D29Benign neoplasm of male genital organs
D30Benign neoplasm of urinary organs
D31Benign neoplasm of eye and adnexa
D32Benign neoplasm of meninges
D33Benign neoplasm of brain and other parts of central nervous system
D34Benign neoplasm of thyroid gland
D35Benign neoplasm of other and unspecified endocrine glands
D36Benign neoplasm of other and unspecified sites