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DRG Category Total Unique Beneficiaries Discharged (Oct 2016 to Sep 2019) 14 Day Home Health Admission Rate Post Hospital Discharge (%) Home Health Total Episodes Visits per Episode Indiana University Health Home Care - Indianapolis, IN Elara Caring - Kokomo, IN Caregivers Inc - Indianapolis, IN Kindred at Home - Indianapolis, IN St. Vincent Home Health - Indianapolis - Indianapolis, IN
All 24,084
Surgical 13,032
Non Surgical 14,289
Septicemia or Severe Sepsis 1,798
Major Hip and Knee Joint Replacement or Reattachment of Lower Extremity 1,135
Heart Failure and Shock 805
Intracranial Hemorrhage or Cerebral Infarction 754
Renal Failure 729
Esophagitis, Gastroenteritis and Miscellaneous Digestive Disorders 653
G.I.Hemorrhage 619
Simple Pneumonia and Pleurisy 570
Major Small and Large Bowel Procedures 562
Kidney and Ureter Procedures 513
Infections and Parasitic Diseases with O.R. Procedure 512
Pancreas, Liver and Shunt Procedures 496
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 494
Nutritional and Miscellaneous Metabolic Disorders 477
Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections 453
Craniotomy and Endovascular Intracranial Procedures 440
Stomach, Esophageal and Duodenal Procedures 433
Percutaneous Cardiovascular Procedures with Coronary Artery/Stent 425
Other Digestive System Diagnoses 423
Other Vascular Procedures 409
Other Circulatory System Diagnoses 382
Cardiac Arrhythmia and Conduction Disorders 382
Hip and Femur Procedures Except Major Joint 380
Extensive O.R. Procedure Unrelated to Principal Diagnosis 362
Revision of Hip or Knee Replacement 346
Other Kidney and Urinary Tract Diagnoses 337
Cardiac Valve and Other Major Cardiothoracic Procedures 337
Endovascular Procedures 335
Circulatory Disorders Except AMI with Cardiac Catheterization 332
Disorders of Liver Except Malignancy, Cirrhosis and Alcoholic Hepatitis 326
Respiratory System Diagnosis with Ventilator Support 323
Disorders of Biliary Tract 305
G.I. Obstruction 303
Kidney Transplant 298
Acute Myocardial Infarction 296
Pulmonary Edema and Respiratory Failure 291
Seizures 290
Disorders of Pancreas Except Malignancy 283
Medical Back Problems 279
Major Bladder Procedures 275
Major Chest Procedures 273
Traumatic Stupor and Coma, Coma < 1 Hour 272
Spinal Fusion Except Cervical 257
Other Disorders of Nervous System 256
Cellulitis 253
Other Major Cardiovascular Procedures 251
Diabetes 248
Hernia Procedures 240
Syncope and Collapse 225
Nonspecific Cerebrovascular Disorders 223
Peripheral Vascular Disorders 219
Lower Extremity and Humerus Procedures Except Hip,Foot,Femur 218
Other Respiratory System O.R. Procedures 216
Complications of Treatment 212
Respiratory Infections and Inflammations 211
Cholecystectomy 207
Wound Debridement and Skin Graft Except Hand, for Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders 192
Coronary Bypass 189
Signs and Symptoms 185
Percutaneous Intracardiac Procedures 180
Major Gastrointestinal Disorders and Peritoneal Infections 176
Pulmonary Embolism 175
Hypertension 174
Red Blood Cell Disorders 169
Other O.R. Procedures for Injuries 165
Degenerative Nervous System Disorders 157
Malignancy of Hepatobiliary System or Pancreas 153
Other Respiratory System Diagnoses 147
Aortic and Heart Assist Procedures 134
Postoperative and Post-Traumatic Infections 128
Combined Anterior/Posterior Spinal Fusion 127
Postoperative or Post-Traumatic Infections with O.R. Procedure 115
Non-extensive Procedure Unrelated to Principal Diagnosis 111
Other Digestive System O.R. Procedures 111
Digestive Malignancy 105
Peritoneal Adhesiolysis 104
Major Joint and Limb Reattachment Procedures of Upper Extremity 102
Tracheostomy for Face, Mouth and Neck Diagnoses or Laryngectomy 101
Nervous System Neoplasms 101
Respiratory Neoplasms 95
Liver or Intestinal Transplant 94
Other Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue and Breast Procedures 93
Major Hematological/Immunological Diagnoses Except Sickle Cell Crisis and Coagulation 93
Ventricular Shunt Procedures 78
Cardiac Defibrillator Implant 69
Pleural Effusion 67
Soft Tissue Procedures 64
Biliary Tract Procedures Except Only Cholecystectomy with or without C.D.E. 49
Major Head and Neck Procedures 48
Wound Debridements for Injuries 45
Bilateral or Multiple Major Joint Procedures of Lower Extremity 22