Loyola University Medical Center to Skilled Nursing Facilities Quality Outcomes - Oct 2016 to Sep 2019

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DRG Category Total Hospitalizations (Oct 2016 to Sep 2019) SNF Discharge Rate SNF Admissions within same day or next day of Hospital Discharge SNF Avg. LOS 30 Day Hospital Readmission Rate Post Hospital Discharge to SNF British Home, The - Brookfield, IL Lexington of Lagrange - La Grange, IL Aperion Care Forest Park - Forest Park, IL Gottlieb Memorial Hospital - Melrose Park, IL Symphony At Aria - Hillside, IL
All 23,063
Surgical 8,232
Non Surgical 14,831
Septicemia or Severe Sepsis 1,396
Heart Failure and Shock 821
Renal Failure 590
Major Hip and Knee Joint Replacement or Reattachment of Lower Extremity 538
Intracranial Hemorrhage or Cerebral Infarction 482
Cardiac Valve and Other Major Cardiothoracic Procedures 467
Esophagitis, Gastroenteritis and Miscellaneous Digestive Disorders 464
G.I.Hemorrhage 456
Cardiac Arrhythmia and Conduction Disorders 428
Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections 417
Circulatory Disorders Except AMI with Cardiac Catheterization 389
Other Kidney and Urinary Tract Diagnoses 381
Simple Pneumonia and Pleurisy 358
Nutritional and Miscellaneous Metabolic Disorders 355
Disorders of Liver Except Malignancy, Cirrhosis and Alcoholic Hepatitis 309
Other Circulatory System Diagnoses 297
Red Blood Cell Disorders 292
Major Small and Large Bowel Procedures 291
Major Gastrointestinal Disorders and Peritoneal Infections 280
Percutaneous Cardiovascular Procedures with Coronary Artery/Stent 256
Cellulitis 254
Other Digestive System Diagnoses 249
Other Vascular Procedures 233
Craniotomy and Endovascular Intracranial Procedures 227
Medical Back Problems 219
Other Respiratory System O.R. Procedures 218
Coronary Bypass 215
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 208
Extensive O.R. Procedure Unrelated to Principal Diagnosis 207
G.I. Obstruction 200
Diabetes 199
Infections and Parasitic Diseases with O.R. Procedure 197
Cirrhosis and Alcoholic Hepatitis 186
Endovascular Procedures 180
Respiratory Infections and Inflammations 179
Peripheral Vascular Disorders 178
Kidney and Ureter Procedures 170
Spinal Fusion Except Cervical 170
Other Major Cardiovascular Procedures 168
Hip and Femur Procedures Except Major Joint 168
Other Respiratory System Diagnoses 167
Complications of Treatment 156
Respiratory System Diagnosis with Ventilator Support 149
Percutaneous Intracardiac Procedures 147
Major Joint and Limb Reattachment Procedures of Upper Extremity 145
Acute Myocardial Infarction 141
Other Disorders of Nervous System 129
Seizures 128
Tracheostomy for Face, Mouth and Neck Diagnoses or Laryngectomy 125
Pulmonary Embolism 125
Traumatic Stupor and Coma, Coma > 1 Hour 120
Major Hematological/Immunological Diagnoses Except Sickle Cell Crisis and Coagulation 120
Pulmonary Edema and Respiratory Failure 119
Pancreas, Liver and Shunt Procedures 118
Nervous System Neoplasms 111
Traumatic Stupor and Coma, Coma < 1 Hour 105
Stomach, Esophageal and Duodenal Procedures 105
Lower Extremity and Humerus Procedures Except Hip,Foot,Femur 104
Signs and Symptoms 104
Degenerative Nervous System Disorders 103
Lymphoma and Non-Acute Leukemia 100
Endocrine Disorders 95
Major Bladder Procedures 93
Poisoning and Toxic Effects of Drugs 91
Revision of Hip or Knee Replacement 91
Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker Implant 86
Non-extensive Procedure Unrelated to Principal Diagnosis 85
Other Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue O.R. Procedures 82
Postoperative or Post-Traumatic Infections with O.R. Procedure 74
Wound Debridement and Skin Graft Except Hand, for Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders 73
Pathological Fractures and Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Malignancy 73
Postoperative and Post-Traumatic Infections 66
Non-Extensive Burns 63
Cranial and Peripheral Nerve Disorders 62
Uterine and Adnexal Procedures for Malignancy 60
Fractures of Hip and Pelvis 59
Otitis Media and Upper Respiratory Infection 57
Fracture, Sprain, Strain and Dislocation Except Femur, Hip, Pelvis and Thigh 57
Biopsies of Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 55
Amputation for Circulatory System Disorders Except Upper Limb and Toe 54
Full Thickness Burn with Skin Graft or Inhalation Injury 48
Trauma to the Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue and Breast 45
Bone Diseases and Arthropathies 43
Aftercare, Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 35
Soft Tissue Procedures 30
Major Chest Trauma 30
Other Procedures for Multiple Significant Trauma 30
Other Multiple Significant Trauma 29
Skin Debridement 23
Limb Reattachment, Hip and Femur Procedures for Multiple Significant Trauma 22