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DRG Total Hospitalizations (Apr 2016 to Mar 2019) Total Medicare Payments Episode Days Total Hospitalizations % of Hospitalizations with ED % of Hospitalizations with Nursing Home % of Hospitalizations with a Home Health % of Hospitalizations with a Hospice Avg. Costs Per Hospitalization Avg. Costs Per Hospitalization (excl Hospice) Avg. Index Hospitalization Avg. Rehospitalization cost per Hospitalization Avg. Rehospitalization cost per Re-Hospitalization Avg. ED cost per Hospitalization Avg. Nursing Home Cost per Hospitalization Avg. Home Health Cost per Hospitalization Avg. Hospice Cost per Hospitalization Average Nursing Home Costs per Hospitalization when Nursing Home is Involved Nursing Home - The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA Nursing Home - Sharon Care Center, Los Angeles, CA Nursing Home - Guardian Rehabilitation Hospital, Los Angeles, CA Nursing Home - Country Villa Wilshire Convalescent Center, Los Angeles, CA Nursing Home - Kennedy Post Acute Care Center, Los Angeles, CA Average Home Health Costs per Hospitalization when Home Health is Involved Home Health - Dynamic Home Care, Sherman Oaks, CA Home Health - Universal Home Care, Beverly Hills, CA Home Health - Caring Like Family Inc, Marina Del Rey, CA Home Health - The Doctor's Choice Agency, Los Angeles, CA Home Health - Epic Homecare, Los Angeles, CA Average Hospice Costs per Hospitalization when Hospice is Involved Hospice - Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care Of California, Glendale, CA Hospice - Providence TrinityCare Hospice, Torrance, CA Hospice - Maximum Care Hospice, Valley Village, CA Hospice - Skirball Hospice, Encino, CA Hospice - Comfort Choice Hospice Care, Los Angeles, CA
All 62,036
Surgical 24,710
Non Surgical 37,326
Cardiovascular 14,174
General Medicine 9,416
Orthopedics 7,756
General Surgery 6,069
Gastroenterology & Endocrinology 5,854
Urology 4,676
Pulmonology 3,614
Neurology 3,242
Spine 2,542
Oncology & Hematology 2,292
Colorectal 954
Obstetrics & Gynecology 440
Obesity, Bariatric, Stomach & Duodenal 413
Dermatology 327
Psychiatry & Mental Disorders 267