DR. JUNG H KIM - All You Need To Know

All you need to know about practicing at 1000 10th Ave, New York, NY, 10019 with NPI Number  1649414509.

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Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data

Service Total Volume (Jan 2017 to Dec 2017) Total Beneficiaries Total Medicare Payments Avg. Medicare Payment per Service
Other diagnostic procedures (interview, evaluation, consultation) 1,037 482 $71,541 $68
Insertion of catheter or spinal stimulator and injection into spinal canal 268 172 $26,459 $98
Medications (Injections, infusions and other forms)
Injections and aspirations of muscles, tendons, bursa, joints and soft tissue
Other non-OR or closed therapeutic nervous system procedures
Other OR therapeutic nervous system procedures
DME and supplies
Other diagnostic radiology and related techniques