DR. GRANT GARLICK - All You Need To Know

All you need to know about DR. GRANT GARLICK practicing at 13020 N Telecom Pkwy, Temple Terrace, FL, 33637 with NPI Number  1316993223.

Specializations: Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery; Sports Medicine Counties Served: Hillsborough, FL

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DR. GRANT GARLICK Rankings & Experience

Rankings - Jan 2021 to Dec 2021

Orthopedic Medical

Unique Orthopedic Medical Medicare Patients Treated

Total payments


Unique Osteoarthritis Medicare Patients Treated

Total payments

Orthopedic Surgical

Unique Orthopedic Surgical Medicare Patients Treated

Total payments

Torn Meniscus

Unique Torn Meniscus Medicare Patients Treated

Total payments

Hip & Knee Replacement

Unique Hip & Knee Replacement Medicare Patients Treated

Total payments


Unique Bursitis Medicare Patients Treated

Total payments

DR. GRANT GARLICK - Affiliations

Institutions where DR. GRANT GARLICK Practices


Total Patients-

Total Medicare Payments-

Total Claims-

Affiliated Hospitals

Hospital Name Address State City Zip Code
Memorial Hospital of Tampa 2901 W SWANN AVE FL TAMPA 33609

Group Practices

Practice Entity ID Group Practice Name State
81034400 Musculoskeletal Institute Chartered FL

Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data

Service Total Volume (Jan 2016 to Dec 2016) Total Beneficiaries Total Medicare Payments Avg. Medicare Payment per Service
Medications (Injections, infusions and other forms) 9,763 755 $62,310 $6
Other diagnostic radiology and related techniques 2,102 897 $26,953 $12
Other diagnostic procedures (interview, evaluation, consultation)
Magnetic resonance imaging
Arthroplasty knee
Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee