Your Current Healthcare Data & Research Solutions are Generic

Dexur has one of the largest anonymized Hospital claims databases which we utilize to build custom specialized data, research & dashboard solutions to meet your specific needs

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Disease Burden Dashboards for every hospital in the United States

Here is an example of a custom dashboard that Dexur built in collaboration with Harvard focused on Opioids Related Adverse Event (ORADE) quality outcomes by Hospital. We have similar disease burden dashboards for every major disease. These dashboards help hospitals understand their disease burden.

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In addition, medical device & Biopharma companies can position their solution to help alleviate that disease burden.

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Data tables for research papers

Dexur can work with researchers to provide data tables for their research papers. These data tables can often be the centerpiece of the project or as background of a larger research effort. Dexur is working with researchers at top academic institutions including Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Mass General & St. Luke's on various research projects.

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Data feeds for your marketing, sales & analytics needs

Dexur can provide data feeds in whatever format you need (excel, CSV, XML etc) to meet your specific analytics needs. Some of the ways organizations utilize the data feeds that we provide include:

  • Sales & marketing target lists for sales force optimization
  • Integration of specific quality outcomes for internal modelling
  • Market size estimation and incidence rates analysis to understand market potential