Track MIRFs with Ease Using Dexur’s Medical Science Liaison (MSL) CRM App

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By: Gokul Menon  Nov. 02, 2020

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications mostly focus on marketing and sales as the primary user base. The needs of a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is quite different from that of a representative working in sales or marketing. While the latter works towards improving sales through sales pitches, meetings, and presentations, MSLs work towards improving relationships and trust between parties involved through better engagement. Dexur’s MSL CRM application is unique since it is designed to cater to the MSLs as the primary user base.

MSLs are professionals with an advanced degree and training in specific areas of life sciences. Their primary objective is to engage and build relationships with healthcare providers. MSLs also engage with Medical Information Request Forms (MIRFs). This would provide the organization with greater awareness of the functioning of the market and the competition involved. They undertake the task of filling MIRFs on behalf of the health care provider.

The responsibility of an MSL can be multifold. They possess expertise in pharmacoeconomics and communicating medical data to different stakeholders. This is perhaps why MSLs are preferred over marketing professionals to interact with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and HCPs.

Healthcare Professionals use Medical Information Request Forms (MIRFs) to obtain medical information from life science organizations regarding their drug or device. The request form helps Life Science organizations answer queries that cannot be answered using the product’s current prescribing information or IFU (Instructions for Use). The MIRF must be signed and dated by the HCP that is requesting information. These requests could vary from a drug sampling request to detailed information about the drug/device.

How Dexur’s App Benefits MSLs:

Dexur’s CRM application primarily focuses on the requirements of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs). This sets it apart from other CRM apps in the market, which focus on sales and marketing. Dexur’s tool is optimized to benefit MSLs in more ways than one. For starters, with an application that lets MSLs file and track MIRFs, their engagement with both internal and external stakeholders improves manifold. Sorting and managing a vast number of MIRFs can be quite a hassle. Dexur, through its MSL CRM application, aims to make life easier for MSLs in this regard.

Dexur’s CRM comes with the unique feature of submitting Medical Information Request Forms (MIRF) and the ability to track them under the MIRF Tracker. This application assists in easy tracking, accurate reporting, and quick response to such information requests. Dexur differentiates between adverse and non-adverse events in the MIRF. An adverse event is when a patient has an unpleasant reaction as a consequence of using the product. The application also allows the HCP to choose the form of response. This includes fax, mail, E-mail, and phone.

The Medical Information Request Form can be split into three parts.

Part A: Contains information about the requestor (HCP). This includes the name of the requestor and the organization that they are a part of. Requestors also have to submit their designation and contact information in Part A of the form.

Part B: This part contains the actual request for information, date of submission, and the type of event it is about (adverse or non-adverse). Requestors also have to fill in some information related to the patient. The digital signature of the requestor is included in Part B.

Part C: Contains information about the MSL, including their name and contact details. It also requires the MSL to take an undertaking that certifies that the request for information was undertaken by the HCP (Healthcare Professional) and not solicited by the former in any manner.

MIRF Tracker:

Dexur’s application also provides an additional feature of tracking all the MIRFs based on the name of the physician (requester), name and location of the hospital, and date of submission.

MIRF Management is but one of the many MSL CRM features in the Dexur App Suite. It also includes applications that help manage expenses and financial transactions to stay compliant with the Sunshine Act. Dexur customizes its application suite according to the needs of the client.