No More Surprises for Texas Hospitals in CMS Star Rating Changes, HRRP Penalties, and VBP Payouts with Dexur Predictions, Simulations & Goals

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Navigating the complexity of CMS programs - CMS Star Ratings, Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), and Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) - often brings unforeseen challenges for healthcare providers. Unpredictability in CMS Star Ratings, HRRP penalties, and VBP payouts can create disruption and uncertainty.

Here is where Dexur comes into play. With its specialized healthcare data, analytics, software solutions, and deep-rooted knowledge of CMS programs, Dexur equips Texas Hospitals with tools to not just anticipate but also actively shape their performance in these CMS programs.

Dexur Predictions: Say Goodbye to Unwelcome Surprises

Dexur's predictive analytics capability empowers hospitals to forecast their CMS Star Ratings, HRRP penalties, and VBP payouts 1-3 years in advance, promoting proactive planning instead of reactive adjustment. Notably, Dexur accurately predicted the July 2023 CMS Star ratings as early as January 2023.

Explore CMS Star predictions for Texas Hospitals here. Also, check out Texas Hospitals' HRRP Readmission and Mortality predictions for 2024, 2025 & 2026 here.

Dexur Simulations: What Measures will take you to The Next Level

Through AI-driven simulations, Dexur identifies the exact measures that need to be improved to achieve a CMS 5 Star Rating, avoid HRRP penalties, or enhance VBP Payouts.

Dexur Measures & Data: Centralizing Analytics for Holistic Oversight

We aggregate all essential measures impacting your quality, safety, and compliance programs in a single, easy-to-navigate platform, integrating seamlessly with your internal data and external sources. This comprehensive approach offers an in-depth understanding of the most relevant performance indicators.

Dexur Goal Setting: Promoting Success through Team Alignment

Dexur’s tools facilitate goal-setting based on simulations and organizational priorities, fostering a culture of unity and improvement by aligning Texas hospitals' teams towards achieving shared objectives.

Dexur Events & Interventions: Driving Improvements through Evidence-Based Actions

Our "Events and Interventions" feature empowers Texas hospitals to monitor all changes, visualize their impact on measures, and implement evidence-based strategies for enhanced outcomes.

Dexur Risk Factors: Aiding in Proactive Risk Management

We help hospitals prioritize areas of focus by identifying risk factors and gauging their influence on quality measures.

Dexur Best Practices: Adopting Strategies Proven by Research

Our team investigates published research to pinpoint best practices that have led to improved key measures, providing a trusted blueprint for quality programs.

Leveraging Dexur's capabilities, Texas hospitals can effectively steer their CMS programs with confidence, making strategic decisions underpinned by accurate predictions, simulations, and data. Our mission is to enable your hospital to proactively manage CMS programs, reducing unpredictability and continuously improving quality outcomes.

Texas Hospitals can request their exclusive, free CMS Star Rating, HRRP Readmission, Mortality, and VBP / MSPB sample prediction and simulation report by visiting and filling out the form or by sending an email to