Longview Regional Medical Center was the Only Texas Hospital with 30-Day Episode of Care LOS Under 10 Days for Cardiac Valve and other Cardiothoracic Procedures

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By: Saparja Nag  Apr. 12, 2018

According to a recent Dexur analysis of Medicare cardiac valve and other cardiothoracic procedures claims data, the lowest 30-day episode of care average length of stay (LOS) with unplanned readmissions in Texas was at Longview Regional Medical Center with a LOS of 9.03 days between 2013 - 2016. They also achieved the lowest 30-day episode of care average LOS with all readmissions at 11.45 days. St. David's Medical Center ranked 2nd in both metrics, averaging 10.32 days with just unplanned readmissions and 12.88 days with all readmissions. Ranking 3rd in both categories was William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, which averaged 10.61 days for a 30-day episode of care including only unplanned readmissions and 13.34 days including all readmissions.

In order to meet the analysis' criteria, hospitals located in Texas had to have accounted for at least 50 DRG-291 discharges and a minimum of 11 readmissions within 30 days. DRG-291, one of six DRGs within cardiac valve and other cardiothoracic procedures, is defined as cardiac valve and other major cardiothoracic procedures without cardiac catheterization with major complication or comorbidity. The average 30-day episode of care LOS with readmissions accounts for total days DRG-291 Medicare inpatients spent in any hospital (index or non-index) during a 30-day episode of care. The unplanned readmissions metric includes only readmissions admitted via the emergency department whereas the all readmissions metrics includes patients who may have been readmitted for an unrelated and/or scheduled appointment.

Longview Regional Medical Center had a relatively small market share in Texas, compared to the other hospitals analyzed in this study. They discharged over 12,000 total Medicare inpatients but only accounted for a 0.37 market share as most Texas hospitals were discharging upwards of 20,000 inpatients. Longview was also able to be top ranked in the state for lowest average LOS for index hospital stay at 8.25 days, making it the only hospital in the state to average under 9 days for this metric.


  1. Average LOS rankings for DRG-291 Medicare inpatients at Texas hospitals for 30-day episode of care including all readmissions and unplanned readmissions
  2. Texas market share and average LOS for index hospital stay for DRG-291 Medicare inpatients at Texas hospitals


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