Analysis of Selected Major Mississippi Hospitals Shows a Difference of About 4 Days in Sepsis LOS between Lowest & Highest Hospitals

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By: James Pitt  Jun. 08, 2018

Sepsis is a serious condition, in which the immune system mounts a systemic inflammatory response to infection. Controlling fluid balance is an important part of sepsis treatment. Septic shock kills by reducing circulation, and hypovolemia (low fluid) may contribute to worse outcomes, while excess fluid increases the risk of death. Dexur has previously examined fluid balance’s effects on sepsis mortality in California and urosepsis readmissions in Connecticut.

Early detection of fluid imbalance can reduce the length of stay (LOS) and mortality. Dexur analysts examined CMS inpatient discharge data from the 20 hospitals in Mississippi with the largest discharge volumes. The goal was to examine typical lengths of stay for patients in different diagnosis-related groups (DRGs).

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle (Columbus, MS) had the lowest length of stay across all sepsis DRGs, at 10.97 days for DRG 870, 4.84 for DRG 871, and 3.51 for DRG 872. Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center (McComb, MS) had a notably low length of stay for patients with complications; at 5.71 days, its average LOS for patients with complications was lower than many hospitals’ average LOS for patients without complications.

For patients without major complications, average lengths of stay were high at three hospitals in particular. For patients with no complications, average LOS was 7.36 days at Rush Foundation Hospital (Meridian, MS), 6.02 at St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital (Jackson, MS), and 5.82 at Greenwood Leflore Hospital (Greenwood, MS). For patients with non-major complications, average LOS was 8.52 days at Rush Foundation Hospital, 8.33 days at Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital, and 9.24 days at Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

Average Length of stay (Days) for Sepsis without Complications (DRG 872)

Three of the four Merit Health franchises reported high LOS for patients with major complications, but not for less seriously ill patients. DRG 870 average LOS was 19.68 at Merit Health - River Region (Vicksburg, MS); 17.92 at Merit Health - Wesley (Hattiesburg, MS), and 17.54 at Merit Health - Biloxi (Biloxi, MS). The fourth franchise instead had the second-lowest average LOS for DRG 870 patients, 11.29 days at Merit Health - Central (Jackson, MS).


  1. Total DRG Discharges
  2. Total Fluid Imbalance Discharges at DRG
  3. % of Fluid Imbalance Discharges at DRG
  4. Average LOS at DRG

Hospitals mentioned in this article:

  1. Anderson Regional Medical Center (Meridian, MS)
  2. Baptist Memorial Hospital - Desoto (Southaven, MS)
  3. Baptist Memorial Hospital - Golden Triangle (Columbus, MS)
  4. Baptist Memorial Hospital - North Mississippi (Oxford, MS)
  5. Delta Regional Medical Center (Greenville, MS)
  6. Forrest General Hospital (Hattiesburg, MS)
  7. Greenwood Leflore Hospital (Greenwood, MS)
  8. Magnolia Regional Health Center (Corinth, MS)
  9. Memorial Hospital at Gulfport (Gulfport, MS)
  10. Merit Health - Biloxi (Biloxi, MS)
  11. Merit Health - Central (Jackson, MS)
  12. Merit Health - River Region (Vicksburg, MS)
  13. Merit Health - Wesley (Hattiesburg, MS)
  14. North Mississippi Medical Center - Tupelo (Tupelo, MS)
  15. Rush Foundation Hospital (Meridian, MS)
  16. Singing River Hospital (Pascagoula, MS)
  17. South Central Regional Medical Center (Laurel, MS)
  18. Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center (McComb, MS)
  19. St Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital (Jackson, MS)
  20. University Of Mississippi Medical Center (Jackson, MS)


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